Monday, August 10, 2009

Home From The Sea

Last Tuesday Tom and I and the Gibsons headed out of hot Seattle for Rockaway Beach on the Oregon Coast. We would be staying at the little red cabin owned by my mother. It was noon by the time we reached Astoria, time for tuna fish 'n chips at the Bowpicker. Yum! And then across Highway 101 to the Maritime Museum.
We showed Corey the sea lions, since he missed them when we were here in June.
We finally reached the cabin about 4:00, but it didn't take long to hit the beach.
The weather was pleasantly cool, with just two mornings of drizzle, and some lovely sunsets.
We ended most days with a beach fire and s'mores.
Jill is our fire builder. She learned well in Campfire Girls.
Jill is also our champion donut eater, going every morning to the bakery in Garibaldi. Sometimes we all went along for goodies.
We made the traditional visit to the old steam train across the street from the bakery in Garibaldi,
and then walked the docks to check out the fishing boats.
On Thursday afternoon Jake joined us, and Friday morning we headed to Tillamook. First stop, the Blue Heron Cheese shop and petting zoo.
The contented cows had given their morning milk and were resting in the rich, green pastures. Their milk was on it's way in big shiny stainless steel tanker trucks to the Tillamook Cheese Factory.
Here we sampled the cheese, enjoyed watching the cheese making process, checked out the large gift shop, and had ice cream for lunch!
Back on the beach. Isaac and Jake played beach ball soccer.
We all got together around the camp fire.
While it was wet outdoors, Jake and Isaac passed the time playing Lego.
Then it was time for some serious construction in the creek.
Tom's favorite activity, falling asleep with a book in a beach chair.
We went for beach walks and played in the surf.
And did some more digging.
Catch me, Grandpa is a favorite game.
And the Twin Rocks stood watch.


  1. how fun, we are headed to nw in another week. to visit family in seattle then to waldport, oregon for a week's stay on the coast with caryn and her husband. looking forward to it. your photos are great, loved going vacationing with you...

  2. What a great way to cool off!

  3. Linda, I always love your family outing photos, makes me wish I were a family member! What great family fun!

  4. You and your family do enjoy marvelous outings! And Rockaway Beach has always been one of my favorite places on the Oregon coast so your photos brought back lots of fun memories!

    Have a great week!

  5. Wonderful post, Sister. We are going to the Red Cabin the last week of August with some of our grandchildren.

  6. Oh Linda, this is too much fun! I need to get going to do some things while KC is away but I can't tear myself away. Thank you for sharing this fabulous experience with us. I'm living vicariously through you. I can almost feel the brisk air at your beach which is great since it's hot and humid over here.

  7. Happened upon your blog. I love the Oregon Coast. It is one of my favorite spots. It sounds like you and your family had a great time!
    We are hoping to get back there next summer.


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