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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Surgery Complete

The procedure was quick and went well, except when the doc hit the nerve and the electrical shock almost knocked me off the table.
I was back home by 10:30. The local hasn't worn off yet, but I've already taken my first pain pill.
BTW, left hand typing can result in some interesting spelling. Thank you, spell check!


  1. How did you feel an electric shock? Wasn't it numbed while the procedure was in progress?
    Take it easy, and get into a good book so you won't be tempted to weed the garden with your left hand!!haha
    Hope the healing is fast and uneventful.

  2. Yikes! Take care, Linda and don't worry about us. You know we'll be here when your hand is completely healed. You have to give it time.

  3. Oh Linda, get well soon. Yikes that sounds like a painful moment. You'll be back and using that hand in no time, enjoy your down time..

  4. Linda I was pleased to hear the operation went well except for the electric shock part, that sounded terrible. Hope you will be back into full action very soon. Rest up and take good care. Linda

  5. I am glad the operation went--for the most part--fairly well. Let's hope recovery speeds along.

    I have missed your blog for a few days. All that Basil--my goodness--and the flower garden--excellent. This weather has been so nice for the flowers. I like your new header too. MB

  6. That sounded scary! I hope the healing goes well.

  7. Ouch...I don't want to end up with surgery for mine..I hope all goes well and that you don't feel too much pain Linda.... Michelle

  8. Look at it this way you are using a part of your brain in a way that the experts say is very good for you. That’s kind of like saying eat your broccoli its good for you. Sounds like you have been living in a bit of pain. I hope it will be better for you now. BTW – once again great pics.


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