Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Urban Trekking - Queen Anne Hill

Yesterday Caryn challenged me out of my contented complacency to get moving and have an adventure. While our trek was hardly risky, it was a new place for us to discover. I read about the public pedestrian stairways all over Queen Anne Hill in the latest issue of Sunset magazine. I decided it was time to take another urban trek and check it out.

We began with a stop at the Queen Anne Book Store to pick up our map. Tom immediately found a book to buy, too. Then we parked the car on a side street, checked the map, and set off. This narrow passage way was supposed to lead us to the first stairway.

Yep, there it is, the Comstock Grande Dame.
And then there were more.
We landed on West Highland Drive, a "Street of Dreams" of long ago. Here is the Comstock Mansion.
Not a bad little neighborhood for a stroll!
Kerry Park supplies the most famous view of Seattle.
I do love a mansion with a lovely landscape.
New mansions blend with the old.
More steps!
This trek is perfect for architecture students.
Overlook toward the Marina in Magnolia.
These steps descent to view an amazing wall, but they didn't lead any where, so we had to come back up.
I do love a house painted to match the flowers!
Art Deco?
A bit of the remaining Queen Anne style for which the hill was named.
History under our feet, cobble stones with brick gutters.
And then we returned to the coffee shop next to the book store for a a well earned treat - mochas and dessert for lunch - while we watched the urban villagers stroll by.
The book store beckoned us back, and our browsing resulted in enough books to keep us happy for a few more months.


  1. Linda this looks like a fun trek. Thanks for bringing us along as usual. I wonder if I would make it out of there after climbing all of those steps.

  2. Thanks for the lovely walk, virtually is probably the only way I'll get to see it. Jules balks whenever I suggest an urban adventure. I'll show him your post, who knows, it might tempt him next time we are up that way.

  3. What a fun and beautiful day, Linda. I loved all your beautiful photos. Those mansions are quite impressive but those steps would have done me in.

  4. It's a great place for a stroll isn't it? And the view from Highland Park is always worth a visit...

  5. how fun you did it...i'm with caryn right now in the library blogging while our hubbies are waiting. lol!

  6. what a great day!!

    your photos have everything - views and architecture and shadows and sky

    beautiful post!!

    and thank you for the kind words and link below

  7. A nice interesting campus, beautiful. Do they also have the Campus on Whidbey near Ebey's Landing? Nice memories I bet!
    Thanks for sharing..


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