Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Not The Last Rose of Summer

We are enjoying the lazy days of late August, and feeling very blessed to be able to do so. Many of our non-retired friends are heading back to the classroom, and meetings, in preparation for the opening of another school year. Our only school responsibility was attending Tom's 50th high school reunion last Sunday. He is pictured here with his twin sister, Jan, who was on the organizing committee and acted as Master of Ceremonies. They and their classmates, who graduated from Puyallup High, Class of '59, had a great time visiting and catching up. I was the roaming photographer. We have been enjoying lovely weather: sunny, mild days with occasional cloudy periods with light showers. The shower this morning left raindrops on roses, roses that have sprung forth with a new late summer blush.
From the cutting garden I now have the asters of August on my kitchen table.
The sweet peas decided to recover from the earlier heat and bloom again, reaching for the sky.
The cucumbers are still producing as they climb their wire trellis.
And the tomatoes are slowly ripening. Last night we had our first calabrese salad, with fresh tomaotes and basil from the garden combined with fresh motzarella chese and olive oil. Yum.
Because I'm still healing from hand surgery I am "forced" to just enjoy our garden, without working in it, pick and arrange the abundant flowers, and lend A hand in helping Tom prepare meals that include fresh produce from the garden and fruits from farmer's markets.
What a great time of the year it is!


  1. Everything from your garden looks marvelous and delicious! We have had delightful weather lately, haven't we? We're so fortunate to live where we do!

    Enjoy the rest of your week!


  2. I need to take a gardening class from you! I got 3 hubbard squashes this year.. 1 cuke, and a few dozen zucchines..I don't know what happened this year..? Must be slugs are faster than I am? oooooh nooo


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