Friday, August 28, 2009

My Alma Mater

Last Wednesday, after we finished traipsing around the south slope of Queen Anne Hill, and feeling refreshed by our coffee shop lunch, we decided to pay a visit my Alma Mater. Seattle Pacific University ("College" back in my day) is at the base of the north slope of Queen Anne Hill. It is a small (about 3800) Christian liberal arts college affiliated with the Free Methodist Church. I am not an active alumnus, and had not visited the campus really since I finished my 5th year education certification in 1970. I had heard that the school now has a lovely campus noted for its gardens, as well as many new buildings which have been added over the years. We were pleased to find a lush oasis in this summer of brown lawns. The original loop is still graced by magnificent chestnut trees. This is where we attended required chapel every day. Many of the topics presented were actually quite interesting, fortunately. Alexander Hall, built in 1891, was the original building, and it was where my residence dorm was located my Freshman year.
Yep, those windows up there at the top, right. That was my room!
It has long since been converted for other uses, but I was impressed at how good the old girl/guy still looks.
The landscaping is so much more lush than when I was a student in the sixties.
And the campus has spread into the surrounding neighborhood.
The gardening staff has done a lovely job. Look at this color!
Across Nickerson Street, and down what used to be an unpaved dead end, we would go to sit beside the ship canal. Now there is a lovely park extending at least a block. It's an even better place to be idle and watch the idle rich float by.
Farther east it's also where that other little Seattle school, the University of Washington, has it's crew races.
I just read that SPU has a very good women's soccer team. Go Falcons!


  1. Wow! I'm very impressed. That's a gorgeous campus. It must have really brought back a lot of wonderful memories.

  2. Beautiful campus. My college has also had a name change since I graduated in '71. Hope your hand is healing quickly, and that you are following the doc's orders!!

  3. Wow !! a trip down memory lane,it must have been a great feeling to see your dorm room again....the pictures are lovely.I just dropped in to say HI as i have been seeing you since last couple of months in our few common blogger friends......i don't know what happened to your hand but would like to wish you a speedy recovery.

  4. You and hubby are so fortunate that you can be so active in retirement. I enjoy following along with your from my kitchen Linda.... Michelle

  5. A wonderful College with a equally wonderful campus.

    I haven't visited your blog for awhile (Idon't know why). You have some amazing pictures and stories to tell.

    I like the new header. MB


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