Greetings from Seattle

Sunday, November 7, 2010


While the dogwood has taken on color, the fernleaf full-moon maple has gone from glorious to almost bare in a few short days. It's easy to see the birds awaiting their turn at the bird feeders now.
This morning we awoke to daylight and sun! My spirit changed from gloomy to bright along with the dawning of the new day. Tom and I were outside by 9:30 and spent the morning working in the yard.
Change has come there too. Although we have not had a frost, it is time to remove the lush growth of summer and put the garden to bed. And so the flowers and vegetables are mostly gone and the ground cloth covers the soil while it slumbers through the winter.
Tom is putting new plastic over the cloche, which has been moved back over one of the raised beds. Tom's bonsai will be sheltered under these for the winter.
I have been working on the edges and cleaning out the beds, getting ready to lay down a blanket of leaf mulch.
There will be leaves to rake up yet through November. By December the garden work should be done for this year.
The sunny morning gave way to clouds, and it's clear to say the sun is no longer shining on the Seahawks, who are losing badly at home to the New York Giants. The current score of 41 to 7 can only get worse in the last seven minutes. What changed? Well, our starting quarterback was knocked out of play by a concussion last week. This has not been pretty to watch, so while I still have it on, it's pretty much just background noise.
The Sounders play the second match of the playoffs in Los Angeles this evening against the league leading Galaxy. We certainly hope they fare better than the Seahawks.
The political changes resulting from this week's elections have been on my mind. There are so many interpretations of what these changes mean and what they will bring about. Some say the change is good, some say no. I say I just don't know. Will we have two years of stagnation as the Republicans do their best to ensure that Obama is a one term president, as some of their leadership stated? Will anyone come up with new, fresh ideas for solving our economic dilemma? Will new ideas even be welcomed? I don't know.
Uncertainty is not my friend, but sometimes we must live with it.
Change happens.
The sky is blue again.


  1. Your garden looks so well groomed during the winter as opposed to many I see that don't get cleaned up until spring. I'm sure your neighbors appreciate your hard work.

    Yes, I'm also watching the political changes. I keep reminding myself two years is a long time in politics. Anything can happen. It's times like these I wish I could see into the future.

  2. I certainly hope that Obama is NOT a one term president!

    You and your husband have put in so much work into that garden, it's unbelievable. Have you lost weight from all that exercise? Does your daughter garden also?

  3. Those red leaves are fabulous on that one tree!! You have been so busy!

  4. politics are as changeable as the weather...

  5. Gigi-Mitch McConnell, Republican minority leader in the senate, stated two years ago, and again this week, that their goal was to make certain that Obama is a one term president. That's why they have blocked or attempted to block, all bills backed by the White House.
    Gardening is very good exercise and helps me to maintain my weight. To lose, I have to eat less.:-(
    Jill does a little gardening, mostly a small vegetable garden. She doesn't have much time and Colorado has a very harsh environment for gardening.

  6. Your garden-yard looks really huge! You have put such love and effort into making it a showcase for nature. I love it!

  7. Even near dormancy, your garden is lovely.

    Do the ground cloths prevent weeds and erosion?

    We've been working outside, too, lining up all the pots to bring in...

  8. Oh it will be time to go after Obama...I am afraid that nothing will get done....That looked like a house finch or pine siskin going to your thistle feeder. Mine got wet with the recent rains and I had to clean it out....


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