Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Day in the Garden

It reached 74 degrees today!! The beautiful blue sky was a lovely backdrop for the autumn foliage in the yard. The show started early. This is the view from the bedroom window into the top of the Full Moon Maple below in the front yard. We were outside by 10:00 to spend most of the day working in the yard. I had my camera handy to take photos as the sun and shade moved around the garden, lighting different plants. The hosta in the secret garden urn now exhibits a golden drape. Japanese maple
Dogwood back lit by the morning sun.
Leaf and cedar littler contrast with hosta. No piles if dry leaves here. Everything is wet.
Seattle had 1.5 inches of rain on Monday, which we were happy to miss. The sodden ground is sprouting mushrooms.
The bird bath is full of rain water.
The beauty berry leaves are turning chartreuse, creating my favorite color combination with the purple berries.
More purple in the Cuphea (cigar plant) in a patio planter.
The burning bush bonsai will soon be bare.
The full moon maple
Even the cactus in the house is adding to the show. While usually called Christmas cactus, I call this one my Halloween cactus, because it blooms orange just in time for Halloween.


  1. Very nice captures, Linda. It's interesting to see autumn colors in your garden. Love the indoor cactus, too.

  2. Beautiful autumn photos in your garden! I'd love to have a Japanese maple but fear it couldn't survive in this particular area of Maine. I've seen them flourishing on the coast, though.

  3. Wasn't it just the most perfect day? It only made it to 66 here in Bellingham, but it was gorgeous and sunny all day long. Today should be sunny but not as warm. I love your birdbath picture, actually the whole bunch of them are exceptional! Thank you for sharing your back yard with me.

  4. your yard is beautiful all the bright purple berries...

  5. I cannot say this enough: your garden is magnificent (even sodden)!!

    The maples put on a spectacular show here this year.

    The purple berries are interesting. What are they?

    Rainy and cold here today -- about 45. Perfect for curling up in front of a fire with a good book.

  6. you have such a beautiful home and garden
    I love all the colors!!

  7. I love seeing pictures of your garden, wish mine look as good. I noticed on our walk yesterday that the early rains have sprouted mushrooms as well as grass in the open areas here.
    You sure do have a lot of fun with those grandkids. I'm not surprised they are anxious for your next visit.

  8. More wonderful garden photos Linda. Lovely - Dave


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