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Monday, November 22, 2010

Only Yesterday

Only yesterday, well, make that two days ago, it was dry and calm, after the last wind storm, and we were outside cleaning up the last of the debris on Saturday morning before heading out for the day.
On the shrubs by the driveway I saw these signs of a warmer season.
Knowing what was coming, I hoped these confused plants would weather the deep freeze that was ahead.
Then we headed out for some Nordic Heritage fun. We stopped by a bazaar in a local church put on by the Daughters of Norway. We visited with people we knew and were pleased to see. I had my arm twisted to join up. So far I'm resisting.
Our next stop was the Nordic Heritage Museum in Ballard. It was Yule Fest and the museum was filled with vendors of crafts and gift shop items and food.
We wore our sweaters from Norway, of course.
The lines were so long for food that we abandoned that idea and had a late lunch in a pub in Ballard. After that we checked in with Jake in nearby Wallingford, returned home for a few hours and were off for a movie in the evening.
(See previous post for a review of Fair Game)
Yesterday was spent at home, watching football, sewing and wreath making, and firming up my on line Christmas shopping. In the afternoon, as it got colder, it began to snow lightly. It was a good day for indoor projects.
This morning we got up to a light dusting of snow and, for the first time, below freezing temps. The furnace man is here for our one year check up of our new heating/cooling system. It's getting a work out today.
The Oregon Juncos, usually ground birds, are decorating the bare branches of the maple tree, awaiting their turn at the feeders.
More snow is on the way, but we are promised that it will warm up and turn to rain in time for Thanksgiving travel.
We had that Skype fitting with Irene. The shirt fits, with a few adjustments. And I have a day of sewing ahead of me.


  1. Would love to attend a Nordic festival. Actually, I have, come to think of it: the Swedish festival in New Sweden, Maine. My good fried is descended from New Sweden's original settlers.

    OK, then, I'd like to have some of your snow. We haven't received any yet, although the mountainous areas have.

  2. We did get a pretty good dusting of snow here in Ballard -- in fact, about an inch, maybe a little more. Looks like the temps are going to stay really cold for a day or two. We have friends coming for Thanksgiving from Portland so I hope it's gone away by then. It is pretty though -- as long as you don't have to travel in it!! Have a great week and a very Happy Thanksgiving, Linda!


  3. Oh Wow! Snow already! My daughter hasn't mentioned snow in Illnois yet although I know it's been darn cold.

    I remember a lot of Norwegian things at Poulsbo when we visited Seattle last year. That was really wonderful.

    Glad to see you had such a lovely day.

  4. you certainly know how to keep busy. it's cold here also, frost on the lawn but no snow yet. brr!

  5. Beautiful photography, Linda! It really lifts me out of my moodiness. I love the way you've been spending your retirement years.

  6. I wish my dark-eyed juncos would go to the tree feeders as I can't have anything on the ground till the waterfowl move on...

    I wanted to thank you for your kind comment regarding my blog posts. I do try to take time to find something that fits and that appeals to me.....thank you Linda...Michelle

  7. Can't believe you've had snow already! Hope the weekend and holiday weather provided safe and passable roads.


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