Saturday, July 7, 2012


We harvested some crops from our garden this morning!  

The few strawberry plants we have are producing some delicious little berries, the kind that are sweet and juicy and red through and through.

The raspberries are finally ripening.  The crop will be smaller this year, but on our first real picking we did get four quarts for the freezer.  On our first picking we got about two quarts, enough for a nice bowl full to share for the 4th of July.
We had to replant lettuce several times, but it finally grew, and now the heat will make it bolt, so we'll be having salads every day until it's gone.

The zucchini squash is coming on too, and soon there will be too much to keep up with here, but we know who we can give it away to. :)

We had a busy morning between the two of us, picking and mowing and grocery shopping and running errands and doing laundry.  This afternoon has been lazy.  It's up to 76 degrees now, warm for here.

Tom just woke up from a nap and changed into his Rave green Sounders shirt.  It will be a beautiful night for a soccer match, which starts at the stadium at 8:00.  We'll be there!


  1. My zucchini is looking good, but it doesn't even have flowers yet, much less zucchini plants! Can it be because if when you planted it? or our more northern latitude? I think I will have plenty but not for awhile. Your harvest does look really good, Linda! :-)

  2. Wow! You only had a few raspberry plants and you got THAT MUCH fruit? Good gracious! I used to be lucky to get a handful in Illinois. All your veggies do so well. Then again, I know how much work you put into your garden.

  3. Good for you that you are reaping the results of your labor! I think that's great. Enjoy the Sounders match. Sounds like a lot of fun.

  4. I love berries-we have strawberries growing but our raspberries got some kind of fungus and we have tons of crops!


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