Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fun on the Fourth

The food was delicious and abundant.  Kids ran and played.  A new born was lovingly tended. Family members shared time with each other.  The three die hard soccer fans, Jill, Tom and I, watched the Sounders play to a hard won 0-0 tie against Real Salt Lake.
 Later, some of us moved off the deck down to the water's edge, where the sparklers were all done by the time I finally got my camera out.
 Isaac and Aunt Jan.
 Irene had her own supply of brownies and cookies.
 Jill started the show.  See, Mom, no hair on fire.
 Brother and sister conferred.

 Corey got off work at 8:00 and arrived about 8:45 to join the fun.  He set up his Nikon on a tripod on the deck to capture the fireworks to come.
 The kids watched from the boat.
 All around the shore line other gatherings were shooting off their own fireworks too.

 Finally, about 10:15, it's dark enough for the big show to begin out on the barge.

 The show was great.  Corey used his tripod and remote.  I'll have to see what he got with his manual settings.  I set my Nikon on landscape, rapid fire, hand held, and for the grand finale I just held the shutter button down.

And now the Fourth of July has become the fifth of July, just another day.  People have dragged themselves back to work.  Others are heading off on trips.  Tom and Jan are heading to Whidbey Island to help prepare the cabin for renters who will occupy it for a week.  It helps with the cabin expenses and another family gets to enjoy the beauty of Sunlight Beach.

For me, this is really the first day of summer.  The weather has turned warm and dry and appears to be in a holding pattern maybe for most of July.  I will go for a walk this morning, then work in the garden.  This afternoon there will be time on the patio for an long lunch and reading.  Kitty and I will keep each other company. 

I'm ready for a slow day.


  1. Terrific captures and the fireworks are awesome! Glad you had such a great 4th!


  2. Awesome pictures as usual. I must say Aunt Jan has a lovely place there. As I'm seeing more pictures of her, and especially the one of she and Tom in conversation, I wonder about those two as twins. Seems like I've been exposed to a number of twins lately, and of course my Bob is a twin. Wish I was close enough to visit and talk with them to see what they share in common. Bob & his twin share almost nothing but physical appearance but a set of identical twins in his family are almost like one person living in two bodies. Interesting.

  3. Loved seeing the fireworks. We didn't really see any fireworks to speak of. The fire bans in Colorado limited the number of displays, and we were not nearby any place that was having a display.

  4. Glad you all had a good time.

  5. You certainly celebrated in firework photos!

  6. I saw the fireworks out on the bay, from afar. The sounds outside were enough to keep any sane person inside! They went on from 9:00 until long after midnight. I'll sleep well tonight! :-)

  7. Good show! Fireworks are hard to photograph but yours are great. I watched fireworks on TV. We will see real fireworks later in the year at a special show nearby.

  8. These are beautiful, Linda. Happy to know that you guys had such a wonderful day. We are up the Mckenzie right now and I am taking some pretty pictures too, it is so nice to finally have summer, isnt it?

  9. Thanks for your comment. I must say that you have the catbird seat for fireworks. I envy you!

  10. Holey Moley! These are absolutely spectacular! We've NEVER been able to get very good shots of fireworks, but every one of yours is amazing and crystal clear. Wow!

  11. Hi Linda,
    Just getting caught up on blog reading. Good weather takes me away from the computer and outside every time. Good job on picturing the fireworks display.


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