Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Just a Summer Girl

Remember those fashion charts of some years back, by which we were to determine what season we were, and therefore which colors we looked best in?

I have no idea what season I was supposed to be.  I just know that I am a summer girl.

Today is my birthday.  I am finally the age I thought I was most of this last year.  I guess that's what age does to you.  Or is it just that after  a certain number it just isn't very important anymore.?  Today I am 68.

But back to that summer girl thing.  Yes, I was born in July, and it is probably my favorite month.  Growth is abundant but still green.  Flowers bloom in profusion.  And there are summer fruits!  Berries of all kinds, peaches and nectarines, apricots and plums.  And cherries!  There is nothing quite like that explosion of juicy sweetness you get when you bite into a plump Bing cherry.  

As you know, we spent a three day weekend at the cabin on Whidbey Island.  When we arrived late Friday afternoon, the island had already endured most of a day of thunder storms.  The sky over the lagoon was dark and heavy.

 By evening there were some breaks overhead, but there were  storms still all around.  I went over to the beach to watch the sky over Useless Bay.

 An anvil cloud formed over the Olympic Mountains.
 The sun setting behind a bank of storm clouds caused strange shadows on the clouds overhead.

 Saturday morning was foggy, but cleared long enough for us to get the gardening done.

 Then the storms rolled in again, with thunder and lightning and rain. This is very unusual for us here in July.  We might get afternoon or evening thunder storms, but not at 10:00 in the morning.

We hunkered down in the cabin until the rain let up, and then we were off to the Bayview Farmer's Market.  Lots of other folks were out too.

 We avoided the pies, but did buy two kinds of this cheese.  Wonderful!
 Ah, yes, summer fruit!

 And summer flowers!

 Bayview Nursery is right next to the market, so of course we had to pay a visit there too.

 Saturday afternoon was fair, and I got in a good walk, and then a stroll in the evening.
 Osprey are ever present here, fishing in the bay and bringing their catches to perches near the lagoon.
 Sunday we had wind and a steady drizzle all morning.  We went shopping in Freeland, and then found a lounge with Wi-Fi and cable TV to watch the Sounders match being played in New York.
 Ah, Monday, the best day.  Since I had to leave the island the next day, today, my real birthday, I celebrated on Monday.  I indulged myself.  I went for a morning walk and then settled in the back yard, by the lagoon, to read the paper and work the puzzles.  
 Jill and the kids arrived about noon, and we had lunch before hitting the beach.  Here's mine.  Extra blueberries for my blueberry yogurt, and cherries!
 The tide was way out and the sky was way blue!

 Irene wanted to know what the sea foam was and what makes it.

 As the tide came in we settled on the beach where I helped to build a fort.
 Jill helped too.
 We grilled burgers for dinner, accompanied by corn on the cob and fruit, of course.

In the evening the lagoon was full and smooth as glass.  It was time for boating.

 I asked Tom for a canoe ride, something we haven't done in a long time.  Here's the view from my seat.

 Then we went back over to the bay to walk on the beach and collect things for the fort.

 Time for birthday dessert - brownie sundaes, with strawberries.

Happy Birthday to me.


  1. Happy, Happy Birthday, Linda! And you are still such a youngster!! Your photos are terrific and you have captured the fun!! Enjoy! I'll be 79 the 4th of August! How on earth did I get to be this old??????

  2. It looks like your birthday was absolutely perfect! Happy birthday to the summer girl.

    I had to look twice at one of the first photos of flowers. The blue flowers were so blue, they didn't even look real.

    I had the exact same thing for dinner as you had for lunch! My cherries came from the grocery store, so I am sure yours were better. I felt like I made an interesting choice for dinner until I saw your. Cherries, yogurt, apples, and almonds. I thought it was all quite good. I just wish I'd have had your dessert.

  3. What a wonderful place and way to celebrate your birthday! Great pictures.

  4. Happy birthday, Linda! I am also 68 and about a week older than you and I am also a summer girl. I absolutely love sunshine and flowers and there is no place finer in the world than the PNW in the summer time. Enjoy!

  5. Happy birthday, Linda! I like the summer, too, though it seems like summer year round in Hawaii.

  6. What a fun birthday. I turned 72 this year, my hubby says it's an even 8 dozen.... Of course, he's 4 years younger but complains more of his age. Love your photos...do you ever rent out your cabin? I'd love to visit that area.

  7. Happy birthday, Linda! What stunning pictures from your special day. My sister is one year younger than you, also born in July. And I am one and a half years older than you, so we are "sisters" in Blogland!

    I do so appreciate your pictures of your days, they are outstanding, and they make me feel like I have known you for years. :-)

  8. Happy Birthday1 I turned 68 in April. I look forward to your beautiful photos - I love the flowers and gardens. Here in Missouri, all is toast. We are into our second heat wave - as far as the forecasters can go - it is over 100. We continue to water - it is also beneficial to the foundation of our house. I cannot imagine the water bill. Pay for us in the Midwest. In the meantime, I will enjoy your pictures of paradise.

  9. Happy Birthday, Linda! I enjoyed seeing the island through your lens.

    Kathy M.

  10. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Linda, Happy Birthday to you....and many moooooooorrrrrrreeeee :)

    These wonderful photos were a real treat to see, and made me realize how much I love visiting the northwest. Great family pics too.

  11. Happy Birthday, Linda!!! Such incredible photos. Sigh...

    I love July too and now that I've seen your photos, love it even more.

  12. The photo with the blue & orange flowers needs to be entered into a contest. Love the grass blowing in the wind in the flower bed near the house. Isaac on the big stump is great as well as the one with both kids on it.

  13. Happy birthday Linda.
    Nice family and beautiful pictures!!
    Mary L

  14. Happy Birthday!!

    tell Irene her sunglasses are fabulous :)

    I love the dramatic skies you captured
    and all the flowers!!

  15. You have definitely captured SUMMER here! Happy Belated Birthday wishes.

  16. It looks like the best way to celebrate your summer birthday..Glad it was a very Happy Birthday...Michelle


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