Saturday, January 25, 2014

Garden Club Field Trip

Once the fog cleared we had a beautiful Saturday morning for our first meeting of the year of the Joyful Gardeners Garden Club.  We do love our field trips!

We met up at Bedrock Industries, a recycled glass products retail store under the approach to the Magnolia Bridge in the Interlake area of Seattle.

We got a little introduction from the busy proprietor about what kinds of glass they use and how they make their products, and then we were free to explore and shop!

 They make glass tiles in wonderful colors.
 And they sell seconds and cast offs from other glass makers.

 Their fused glass pieces are colorful and fun.

 This bin of tumbled glass scrap below was like the best ever beach glass.  Those pieces on the rim are what I picked out.  I think I have a project in mind.

 Yep.  I bought a 12th Man.  Go Hawks!

 Our second stop was a revisit to ReStore in Ballard.  
 Tom and I didn't find any garden art or materials, but we did find this china hutch for $75.00!  We sent a photo to Jill, she liked it, and we bought it.  We'll go back tomorrow to haul it home in the van.
 This might be a place where we can look for a piece of wrought iron railing for Jill's front steps.
 The store cats loved the sunshine coming through the windows.

Some of us went to lunch together in Ballard before going our separate ways.  Then we had to get across town to drop something off at Jake's place.  The traffic was awful and it took an hour, so after we left Jake's we went to the shore of Lake Washington for a bit of a stroll to walk off the traffic frustration.
 Stan Sayers Pits look a whole lot different when not full of hydroplanes on race day in the summer.

 There was quite a raft of old coots on the lake.

 The Mountain was out.
 So were the lawn daisies!
 Feeling refreshed we headed home to get ready for the evening birthday party for sister-in-law Jan's partner Ann.  And  good time was had by all.


  1. I've seen the glass art at the Flower and Garden Show in past years, I'm pretty sure anyway. Love the pictures of the sunshine and the store kitties. Oh yes, and the mountain! :-)

  2. Gardening at this time of year! I'd never think of it. At least you have green grass around you. When we get going , gardening things happen in a hurry. What a vast array of colors!

  3. Thank you so much for posting photos of places I would never see otherwise. I love the glass art! I think Jill got quite a deal on the beautiful china hutch.

  4. Wow, what a great bunch of finds. I'll have to visit those shops next time I'm in Seattle. And the china hutch, fabulous find.

  5. What a wonderful way to spend a day! Amazing adventures to be had so close to home.

  6. Lovely photos, especially the mountain scene with the bird near the water. Glass art is so fascinating, I would be like a kid in a candy store. It is hard to pick favorites. Your garden club visits some entertaining places.

  7. That looks like a fun trip. I've never seen anything like all that pretty glass !By the way, my husband was telling me that Russel Wilson used to be a quarterback for NC State. :)

  8. All that glass is amazing! I think you did really well with your picks! Looks like the grass is green and Spring is coming!

  9. I love it when someone takes throw items and makes them useful or beautiful.
    That 12th man is really neat.
    All that green grass is a sight for sore eyes.

  10. the colored glass reminds me of stained glass projects I used to do. Looks like you are doing lots of fun things-what a great store!

  11. What a lovely picture of the mountain. I love Bedrock Industries! I could spend hours there. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the pieces of glass that you bought. This sounds like it was a fun outing.

  12. That glass is amazing love all the colors. Your photos look so relaxing:)

  13. Have you ever been to the James Mongrain Glass Studio? He stayed at our resort an entire summer when he was a Glass Blower at the Village of the Smoky Hills not from our resort. He was making goblets then and brought me all the rejects and also made my husband a glass disc that still hangs in our living room window. I understand he is quite famous in the glass world now:)

  14. What a fun day minus the traffic stuff. The glass shop looked heavenly. I like the striped bits you selected. ReStor shop looks great and a wonderful piece for only 75- Woohoo!!
    The gool 'ol mountain looks beautiful as usual. MB

  15. Pretty baubles. I would love to own a glass sculpture to hang in my home.

  16. I just love all that colored glass! So this is where you bought your #12 Seahawk. $75 for that china hutch? Wow! That is an amazing deal! Lucky Jill!

  17. Great pix. I hear you on the traffic. I was just there (live in Hawaii but have a condo in Ballard that we spend 2-3 months a year in because all our kids and grandkids live in Seattle) and a friend insisted on driving me from the Frye Museum to Ballard. I said oh no I'll walk down the hill and take the bus but she wouldn't hear of it. Bad mistake. Next time something like this happens I will Insist on taking the bus.


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