Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Celebrating Isaac's 15th Birthday

On Monday evening Tom and I and Jan joined Jill and Irene to celebrate the birthday boy. It is hard to conceive of our grandson being 15! Tom picked him up from his first Driver's Ed class before dinner.

Jill prepared a delicious meal for us, and then it was time for gifts.

 A water proof speaker from his dad came with its own pool float. 
 Grandparents presented cash and checks!

Jan gave him a fun tee shirt. "Snapping a Shellfie"

His mom gave him shoes. 
and a Porg shirt. 

 Mr. Whiskers just observed, but he did sniff his photo when I couldn't resist taking one. 

 And yes, there was a theme - sort of. Porgs. Only Star Wars fans will know about these cute little creatures from the latest movie. The story is that the island where Luke Skywalker had exiled himself, actually in Ireland, was inhabited by puffins. Rather than try to erase them all from the filming, they turned them into Porgs. 

Jill and Irene created the Porg cake. 

 They lit him up,

 we sang Happy Birthday, 

and then we ate him - the Porg, that is. It was quite tasty. 

And now Isaac is 15!


  1. Happy Birthday, Isaac!! (Now I know what a Porg is)

  2. Happy Birthday Issac! They grow up so fast! :)

  3. He is a fine looking young man, that's for sure. Love that cake! :-)

  4. Happy birthday to your grandson Isaac. He's been looking ever so much confident in himself in the last year or two.

  5. Birthday wishes for Isaac, looks like a wonderful celebration.

  6. Looks like Mr. Whiskers is saying to you "You call that a photo? I was a model in a former life and all my photos were much better than that - just google me and see my portfolio!".

  7. Happy birthday Isaac! How can he be 15 already? And driving?

  8. Blessings and happy birthday to Isaac!

  9. It doesn't take long for them to become adults...

  10. Happy birthday Isaac!! He is such a handsome boy! I do look forward to all the special occasions with your sweet family.

  11. Oh my gosh! 15 already! We just saw Star Wars 2 days ago and that really looks like the Porg. You have the most gorgeous grandchildren, Linda. Happy Birthday, Isaac!


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