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Monday, January 1, 2018

Starting the New Year Off Outside

We walk almost every day, usually here in our neighborhood. On New Years Day, weather permitting, I like to get us out of the neighborhood for a destination walk. We never drive very far, but far enough for a change of scenery.

There are many places to walk along the Green River, down in the valley below us. I like the scenery along a back road along the river. 

We start at the Old Fishing Hole, where the ducks seemed to expect a hand out. 

 There are some wonderful old maple trees along this road, which provides access to very few properties anymore. 
 When we started out, a cold fog engulfed us.
 As the winter sun burned through sometime after 11:00, the brush along the river banks was lit up. 
 Mt Rainier was just a ghost of a mountain through the lingering fog.

What is that crop? Tom risked the mud to find out. Kale, with the leaves harvested, leaving just the stalks. 
 And what's this one?
 We got close, picked a leaf and smelled it. Cilantro! Lots of cilantro. 
At about a mile and a half, we turned around, rather than doing the whole 4.5 mile loop. My knees have been giving me trouble. We crossed over the river on a footbridge to pick up the pathway along the golf course side of the river. 
The sun was shining, the sky was blue, it had warmed up to about 38 degrees, and we had our 3+ mile walk. 

Starting the new year off right. 


  1. New Year's day is a good excuse for a good walk.

  2. Sounds wonderful. I just walked 2+ miles yesterday with the ladies around Lake Padden. Then we ate and I didn't even get 10,000 steps in yesterday. Love your description of the fields and smells. :-)

  3. you are impressive with the lengths of your walks, i'm happy if i make it around the block to pick up our mail at the cluster boxes...hope your knees are feeling better.

  4. That is such a pretty place to walk! I love the pictures, and all that Cilantro! Yes you did start the year off right.

  5. That tree is awesomely huge. You really have a nice place to walk and I hope the cold is the reason for those barking knees.

  6. I love your walk! I walked also and will again today but the scenery here is nothing like what you get to see!

  7. Your walks are always so enjoyable. Thanks for bringing us along. Happy 2018!

  8. I have been making the effort to take my walks. We are in below zero temps for a spell here but if the wind is not blowing too hard I can dress for it. Still, I am ready for Florida and the ease of shorts and sneakers.

  9. Very nice walk! I spent the day doing absolutely nothing, and loving it.

  10. Pretty walk even in the winter. It is nice to see crops growing, it sure is wet there:)

  11. You had a lovely walk in pleasant ( Wintery) weather. At least it wasn't raining.
    We walked too but our walk was more a slog through snow and along paths which have treacherous patches of ice. I've been so afraid of falling. Hopefully by the weekend we'll see the last of this storm's effect.

  12. Wow! That's a long walk... in the cold. Happy New Year, Linda and Tom.


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