Thursday, January 4, 2018

Putting It All Back in Its Place

Today Tom and I cleaned house. We even got into some corners that we have neglected before. No, we were not completely thorough. We did not get into cupboards and closets. After all, if you can't see it, you can ignore it. Right? 

Cupboards and closets do need to be sorted through, but that will be another day, or days. Blogger Connie asked us a few days ago to think about a one word intention for 2018.  I finally came up with one - Reduce. Of course that means weight, which despite all my exercising, is creeping back on. But it also means culling and getting rid of stuff hiding in those cupboards and closets, and out in the garage, and even in the garden, as we move toward a lower maintenance planting scheme.

So, back to today. We cleaned. And then we put things back where they live eleven months of the year. One of those big jobs is getting the pottery collection out of the places it was stored to make room for the Santa collection and get it back on the shelves. 

Some was stored in an upstairs closet. That meant lots of trips up and down the stairs. A month ago I hauled it all up there. This time Tom brought it all down. It is much safer for me carry things up than down.  
 Some was stored in a tub in the garage. 

 And now it is all back in place.
 Each time I display it, the arrangement is different, but that collection of pueblo pottery always gets its own shelf.

And now I think we are done, everything back in place. Oh, and yes, I did find one Christmas thing that got left on a wall. It got stuck in a drawer. 
I also went grocery shopping and did my floor exercises and walked 2.75 miles today. 

I think my place will be in my recliner this evening. 


  1. Sounds good, LInda. That is a good word for me, too. :-)

  2. Reduce can be applied in a wide area so it's a good word.

  3. You put me to shame. I spent most of the day in the medical world. This morning Bob was diagnosed with Acute Delirium. Waiting now for lab results. Certainly not something I expected to find when I woke up. I certainly have no experience but looks like I’m about to get some.

    1. Oh dear. Let me know what the tests show. Can a cause be determined?

  4. Your shelves look lovely once again.
    Today I started going through my scrapbooking supplies of which I have far too many. This will be a first purge which will be followed by a second at a later date. I'm having a hard time deciding what to keep and what to donate.
    With all the exercise you got today you should sleep like a log!!

  5. A great word for the year and can be used in so many ways.

  6. You missed your calling in life, Linda. You should be hired as an interior decorator.

  7. Luckily your normal decorations are as eye catching as Christmas decorations so your house doesn't go through that blah stage when Christmas is put to bed.

  8. It's all back to normal and looks wonderful. I find that not wearing glasses really helps me to ignore more and more in my house and garden.

  9. Some years ago I made a resolution to have a place for everything and put everything in its place. Unfortunately several houses down the line I still look for things in the old places! I was thinking of "tidy" for this year.

  10. Totally gorgeous! I'm so jealous. Sigh... OK... you've motivated me. I think I'll clean out our fridge. It's been staring at me. Actually, the whole house has been staring at me.

  11. You do such a neat job of everything. It all looks so pretty. I haven't picked a word yet, but my plan is to reduce a bunch of stuff around here, including myself!

  12. Reduce is a good word. I am sure you will make progress:)


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