Monday, January 22, 2018

The Monday after the Anniversary.

Today turned out to be a pretty day -surprise! - but I didn't take much advantage of it.

I slept in and then got a very slow start to the day. I enjoyed looking at all of the posts of the Women's Marches around the country. We didn't participate in the anniversary march this year. We had a garden club meeting scheduled for Saturday morning, a planning session for the rest of the year, and we needed to be there. Also, my leg is not ready for that much standing around and slow walking. I also couldn't identify what my purpose would be in marching this year.  I am not jumping on the "Me Too" bandwagon. It's going strong without me. 

This morning Facebook reminded me of my post of a year ago, to be found here, and so I went back and read Why I Marched. I like what I wrote there and those are still my issues, but in the interim I have focused my causes to a few: the need for TRUTH as found in real journalism, freedom of the press, and the sanctity of our voting rights. Therefore I have subscribed to the online Washington Post and the New York Times, as well as the actual delivered,  daily Seattle Times.  In order to support these investigative journalists I believe I need to pay for their services. 

I have selected "Let America Vote" as my cause for monthly donations in the political realm. This organization is working to combat voter suppression, something all too common in many of our states. I am also watching the gerrymandering issues going through the courts. We really need to make some changes before the elections this fall if possible. In that regard, I have contributed to Hillary Clinton's new political organization, "Onward Together", which gives financial aid and support to activist groups focused on electing Democrats. 

I am no longer angry, like I was a year ago. but I find plenty of reasons to be disgusted these days. We must persist. 

I did get out and walk about two miles yesterday, and then did ten miles on the stationary bike. That was too much, and today I am hobbling around a bit again. 

So what did I do with this "pretty day"? Well, between the two of us we got the house work and laundry done, I went grocery shopping, took care of some business communication, and Tom spent several hours outside in the yard and in his greenhouse. Tomorrow the rain is due to return, and I think I have a couple more areas in the house where I can sort and reduce stuff. That goal is on going, for my house and for me too. 


  1. Last year I subscribed to the online Washington Post, and The New York Times. We subscribe to the paper version of The Oregonian. I am impressed with the work of the Washington Post. I too value good journalism and want to support it. I’ve chosen Eric Holder’s work on gerrymandering to support financially. Trump is no longer my focus. It makes me very sad to see what’s happened to some Republican members of Congress. I remember when Orin Hatch was a Senator worthy of respect. He’s hardly recognizable these days. Sad. Currently my focus is on the telephone, waiting for a call from the hematologist.

  2. Take it easy and let things heal before full activity. I was surprised and happy to see so many people march.

  3. Yes, we are supposed to have a steady rain this afternoon. I also subscribe to the online Washington Post and New York Times. I'm surprised how much I'm enjoying the Post. I was able to march here in Bellingham where we had around 3,000 people march. The feeling of solidarity with so many other like-minded people was very uplifting for me. :-)

  4. It was nice that we didn't have rainy day recess yesterday! Both the kids and adults need to get outside and run around. Please be careful not to do too much too soon!

  5. You stated my mind set well. I am no longer angry but focused on what I can and am willing to do. Think that is a healthier state for all of us to reach. Keep healing that leg.

  6. Good for you for taking the day to continue to rest after your fall. You're doing plenty to support the resistance. I subscribe online to the NY Times as well. I keep thinking maybe I should do the Post too. I was surprised in one of your recent posts when you mentioned going out to get the actual paper-based version of the Seattle Times from the driveway. I used to get the Boston Globe when we lived in Massachusetts. Gosh, I haven't read a real newspaper in years and years.


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