Greetings from Seattle

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Saturday Rain Break

While Friday afternoon turned sunny and warm, and we were able to work outside, Saturday's forecast of wind and rain storms all day had me restless and experiencing cabin fever. 

Then suddenly it cleared off, and checking Weather Underground, I saw that we had an opportunity window to get out before the next front rolled through. It was about 10:00 when I said, "Let's go!" and we drove over to the nearby Highline Botanical Garden. 

Red Flowering Currant (Ribes Sanguineum) in the parking lot. 

 Beautiful rusty metal entry gates. 
 So much stuff erupting from the soil this time of the year. 
 Temporary pond, created by the heavy rain of last night and this morning. 
 The water is turned off in the stream bed during the winter. 
 Hellebore hang their heads, and are past their prime, but are still lovely.  

New growth green lights up in the sun. 

 Color contrast with red new growth of astilbe. 
 Japanese maple tree flowers.
 Rodgersia popping up. 
 Double hellebore
Pretty blue Pulmonaria
 May apple emerges like butterfly wings, slowly opening their umbrella like leaves. 
 The pond
 The shady, woodland path
 Hosta emerging
 Erythronium, a lovely little lily family, commonly called Fawn lily or, in mountain meadows, avalanche lilies. 

 Lots more of our native trillium.

 Towering rhododendron. 

Fern fiddle heads emerging. 
 Worth the whole trip, Elda's big red trillium. Elda Behm's Paradise Garden was the inspiration for this garden when her home and garden were going to be wiped out by the third runway addition to the Seattle-Tacoma airport. Volunteers moved many of her plants and started this garden, which is now supported by the City of SeaTac. 

 Hosta spikes poking up. 


 A green haze is appearing on the deciduous trees and shrubs. 

 I'm afraid these walkers are going to get wet. The clouds are moving in. 

 Service Berry tree (Amelanchier)
 We were headed to the Japanese garden when the first rain drops fell. We could tell from the darkened sky that it was going to pour, and it was going to last, so we scurried back to the car. 

 And now, two hours later, it is still raining, and it might get very windy before the day is done. We'll  have to enjoy our garden from the inside.

But at least we got a chance to stretch our legs. That's about all we need today. We are tired from walking everyday and working in the yard. 

I'll be happy now to stay home. And I got to play with pictures! 


  1. That Red Trillium is lovely, well all the flowers were! I appreciated them! :) Cold here.

  2. It’s very clear this is your time of year. It’s fun to share your excitement.

  3. Just beautiful. I actually would welcome a full day or night of rain as it has been extremely dry here in Florida this winter. They are predicting a wild hurricane season for this summer. It is always something to worry about around here.

  4. Plants are well started even if it's been cool and wet.

  5. I have not seen a double Hellebore; it's quite lovely.

  6. such delicate spring blooms, it rained here today too. unusual!

  7. Now that is how to exercise both the body and the eyes.

  8. Thanks for sharing your quick visit to the Highline. Maybe this year I'll make it there. We had a few sunbreaks here yesterday too, but I didn't venture out. There is no sign of my Hostas at all. I'm hoping to divide some of them, so I wish they would pop their heads up.

  9. Oh the green! Thanks for sharing the photos. Winter is still entrenched here and it will be a few weeks before we see any green. Enjoy!

  10. Just wonderful pictures of a myriad of flowers! I soaked them all in and hope I'll be able to see some trilliums in my neighborhood soon. :-)

  11. So many pretty spring flowers in the garden there. Glad you got to get out before the rain started. It rained here all day yesterday. We got over an inch and then the temperature dropped drastically.

  12. I love those rusty gates at the HBG! So much to see in this exciting season!


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