Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Whidbey Gardening

We came to the cabin on Whidbey Island on Monday morning, a bit later than planned, because Tom woke up with a whopper of an eyelid infection. Fortunately he was able to get a 10:00 appointment, so by about 11:15 we were on our way.

We had been watching the weather forecast, because part of this trip involves going to the Skagit Valley for the Tulip Festival, and it is not a fun activity in the rain. While sun seemed to be a distant hope, Not Rain was expected by Wednesday, so we decided to come to the cabin and get the work done there first. 

 Crossing the sound on the ferry, we were swallowed up by the Big Gray. 

By mid afternoon the rain had stopped so I decided to get a start on the weeding. The cabin garden looked like someone had deliberately sowed a crop of shot weed. What a mess, and it was going to take a lot of work and time. Might as well make hay while it is not raining. I worked for two and a half hours and just made a dent in the job. The wind was howling and Tom elected to stay inside.

Fortunately we had good leftovers for dinner, from the birthday celebration the day before. 

Tuesday morning - Surprise! It was not raining, and there was some sun and blue sky!
We were out and working by 9:30. A rain squall blew in just as we were stopping for lunch at 1:00. Good timing. We were back out by 2:00 to finish the job, wrapping up about 3:30. Whew. Lots of crawling and bending and stooping. We'll feel it tomorrow. But we'll be playing all day in the tulips, so we'll manage. 

So here is the cabin garden at Tulip Time.

 Tom finished cleaning up the feather grasses. Now it all looks spiffy again. 
 Solid gray has now taken over the sky again, and there was a smattering of rain as we finished up. But we got it done!
Tomorrow we will play. Thursday we have a bit more to do here before we head home. We have things to get done there too. 


  1. Awesome flowers at Whidbey. Surprising for me to see .

  2. Should be in a gardening magazine, beautiful. I’m looking forward to seeing water in a few weeks!

  3. Such beautiful tulips at the cottage...I would just stay there and rest but I know your visit to Tulip Valley will be wonderful too:)

  4. It looks wonderful. I will be looking forward to seeing the state of the tulip fields in your upcoming post. I'm going late this year, with a friend who has never seen them and is taking a day off from work. Have a great day@ :-)

  5. The tulips at your cottage are very lovely.
    I had to look up Shotweed as I'd never heard of it. Don't think I've ever seen any either.

  6. Beautiful! Weeding is hard work. You will feel it tomorrow! I look forward to your Tulip Festival photos. I hope Tom's eye infection is better.

  7. wow what a cheerful tulip garden...rain what is that? lol....

  8. Tulips . . . just absolutely gorgeous. I am going to have to take a spring trip some year just to go someplace where there are tulips in bloom.

  9. What a pleasure it must be to see the tulips from your garden in town living and thriving so beautifully at your cabin garden. Good for you for keeping this looking so gorgeous. Have fun at the tulip festival!

  10. How nice to be able to enjoy a cabin but yes the uokeep is demanding but healthy at the same time. Your disply of flower pics made me smile. Sadly we sit in a rare snow and ice storm since Friday. No show of tulips here

  11. You so impress me. I can barely keep up with one house and you do two. Hope you have a delightful play day in the tulips and that your aren't too sore.

  12. I would love to come weed for you! Actually, my daughter has a house in Seattle now (they were lucky enough to get one with a nice yard) and I said I would weed when I come up. She said she doesn't have weeds! That was such a surprise. Here in Hawaii we have weeds all year long, in every yard, except maybe for golf courses and mansions.


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