Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Christianson's Nursery

When we make the trip north to the Skagit Valley, our first stop is this wonderful nursery, right there in the middle of the valley. 

 So many great plants in a setting full of wonderful old things. 

 It's edelweiss! I bought one, and had the song stuck in my head for a while. 

 If you're going to buy angelica, better do it soon, before it gets too big for your car. This one is about to explode. 
It's hard not to get carried away here. 

 Not long after the first spikes emerge from the soil, Hostas burst and unfurl amazingly. 

 I didn't buy any gifts. I already had this guy. 

 Weird plants are fascinating to me. 

 Tom bought this wondrefully red geranium. 
 We did not buy a gentian. They do not survive in our yard. 

I love the Rusty Bird creations, but we already have lots. 

 The old schoolhouse contained an art show. 

 I had to show you these features in a restroom in an outbuilding: a level for a grab bar and a faucet TP holder. 

 About two hours later we checked out. We weren't going to buy anything. Ha!

It was 1:00 when we actually headed to the tulip gardens.


  1. That nursery is amazing. Hostas were amazing to me when we first moved to Oregon. I don’t remember seeing them around where we lived in Texas. Sometimes though it’s size that throws me off. Plants here grow so much larger than where we lived in Texas.

  2. Oh my gosh! I would love to walking around it that nursery right now. I love what you said about Tom. He surely is a gift! Besides a wagon load of plants, I want that little grey building with the windows trimmed in white. I am searching for stir fry broccoli plants. Last year we planted 9, but this year we are having a hard time finding the plants, locally.

  3. I always enjoy my visits to nurseries with you. I see so much more than I would see if I were there alone. :-)

  4. Very attractive place but I always am in wonder about the incredible amount of work , creativity and skill to set this up.

  5. you can't not buy anything...too much beauty not to want to take some home...

  6. Like Djan, I enjoy your nursery visits for the same reason plus I never get tired. I thought you showed restraint considering all that was offered.

  7. I can't keep Gentians alive either. I think we'll go next week and buy some plants now that it seems we're going to have more reasonable weather.

  8. Found it funny that what you consider "weird plants" are our common plants over here.

    LOVE the variety of plants you have there.

  9. You have shared many nursery trips and they are always unique and inspirational.

  10. Nice haul! I always admire the wide selection of plants at Christianson's at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show and hope to visit the nursery this summer sometime. Did your Agave lophantha 'Quadricolor' not make it this winter? I noticed you got another one. I would have been happy to give you a pup of mine as it sends them out like crazy.

  11. I figured you couldn't resist:) Tom is a gift!!


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