Greetings from Seattle

Friday, June 15, 2018

Sunday in West Seattle.

Last Saturday we actually stayed home most of the day, until it was time to go to the stadium for a Sounders match. We finally won one!

Sunday morning, after a slow start, we drove to West Seattle Nursery to return our rented Mason Bees. We have had fun watching the life cycle of these bees, but interference from squirrels and Yellow Jacket wasps this year, plus the fact that it is always too cold for the bees to hatch out in time to pollinate our apple trees has led us to forgo getting more bees for now. ( For more on rented Mason bees, go here.)

A squall had just passed through, drenching everything, but by the time we emerged from our car the sun was shining. We enjoyed touring the nursery. 

Since we had skipped our walk that morning we decided to go over to nearby Lincoln Park and walk a bit in this beautiful old park with a forest in the city. 

There is a beach below the bluff but we settled for peek-a-boo views of the sound. 

I am a big tree hugger. 
This is a redwood grove. 
This was a lovely way to spend a Sunday morning. I don't even remember what we did the rest of the day. Maybe it rained more. I don't remember. I'm sure I worked on photos and started getting that week's blog posts ready to publish. 

I think I am caught up now. 


  1. rain, what is that? guess we'll know as we head to oregon coast for july 4th...look the coolness and sunshine in your photos

  2. Seattle apparently gets more rain than Portland. I need to look that up and see how much more.

  3. Never seen a place with so many beautiful nurseries and parks to walk in. Those are BIG redwood trees!

  4. I agree with Henny Penny. You seem to have so many nurseries and lovely places to walk.
    Great photos!!

  5. Your garden seems to perfect I cannot imagine that you buy much stuff.

    1. We don't buy much anymore, that's true. But we enjoy the looking.

  6. I can see why you'd eb distracted after touring such great garden.

  7. Your pictures are wonderful, as always, but somehow seem even more vibrant than usual. Are you a BIG tree hugger, or a big TREE hugger? :-)

  8. Lincoln Park haven't been there since I was a kid---many many moons ago. Thanks for the tour

  9. Really, really loved that first arrangement and yes, me too on tree hugging.

  10. Another great day in the Reeder calendar. I love West Seattle Nursery but haven't been there for a while. Must remedy that.


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