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Friday, June 22, 2018

The Brindley Garden in Indianola

Last Saturday we participated in a garden tour to benefit The Garden Conservancy on the Kitsap Peninsula and Bainbridge Island, northwest of Seattle, across Puget sound. 

I took a lot of photos, of course, and eventually I might get around to posting more, but for now I want to focus on just one of the six gardens we visited. 

This is the garden of Sam and Karen Brindley and is located on a bluff in the township of Indianola on the Kitsap Peninsula. The Brindleys are next door neighbors to Dan Hinkley, famous plants man, and his garden, Windcliff, which we also visited.  We toured Windcliff in 2014 and I posted here. It's certainly worth another look.

The Brindley Garden is large, encompassing a Douglas Fir forest out by the road, to a fast sunny perennial garden, a greenhouse,  vegetables and fruit trees, and on the water side, a sunny terrace and bluff garden with view. It is spectacular, and the colors were radient in the bright sunlight. 

Honey bees were humming and butterflies ere flitting everywhere. 

The seed heads on the clematis are wonderful!

Seating by the greenhouse, a great place for a brief respite.

Lush shade plants by the front door

We are off garden touring, and I will try to have better self-control over posting about them. But this Brindley garden was just so photogenic!


  1. Fabulous garden, once again. I love the pretty Chihuly red spikes in that one picture. Thanks for taking me along. :-)

  2. What a treat. Such beautiful colors. nature is really the best artist.

  3. just gorgeous, love the colors and the ocean. can't wait we are off to Oregon coast next sat for family reunion.

  4. What a huge variety of plants! a beautiful view goes along with the garden.

  5. What a wonderful garden and I was so taken by their view. That is living well.

  6. Oh gosh, just the drive way gardens are enough to make your heart go pitty patter. Magnificent.

  7. So pretty, I love the poppies! That glass sculpture was sure interesting! And the view how could you ever get tired of the view! :)

  8. Nice! It reminded me of watching a fireworks show.

  9. What an amazing variety of plants and flowers. I can't get over that huge ball of Clematis seed heads!!

  10. Love this garden. I had the good fortune to visit last year during the NPA open and fell in love with both the garden and the gardener.


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