Saturday, March 2, 2019

Marching Along

We made it through February! We're marching along into March.

Some of you who follow me on Facebook will have read this, but this is what I posted seven years ago:

"Forward, March! It's the month of daffodils, my first born's birthday, our wedding anniversary, the kick off of another Sounders season, and the official beginning of Spring."

Well, the Sounders season starts today, Saturday March 2nd, and we'll be heading into the city for the March to the match and the game in the stadium, bundled up against the chilly night air. 

Monday, March 4th, as in March forth!, is Jill's 46th birthday, but we will be celebrating it on Sunday the 3rd. Per her request, I will be preparing MEAT and PIE! There will be daffodils on the table, forced, from the grocery store, since our cold February delayed the daffs in our gardens.  The mini daffodils are almost read to pop though.

The snow piles are almost gone from our Snowmageddon. Good riddance.

This poor hellebore, flattened by snow and then ice, is slowly rising to some of its former glory. 
Inside, the gifted Christmas amaryllis has just opened and is glowing in the morning sun.

As I walked out to get the newspaper this morning, the sky was bright blue overhead.

On Friday, March 1st, I worked in the sunshine on the front porch, pulling out the winter greens I had stuffed into pots before Christmas, and instead I planted bright, bold primroses. 

Charlie Cat came to help me, and then we sat on the step in the sun and purred. Well, Charlie doesn't actually purr, unfortunately, but I did. :-)
View from my window


  1. Love the primroses, they're so bright and cheerful! I still have one small patch of snow in my driveway, my neighbor who has a metal roof has large mounds of snow that slid off her roof all around her house.

  2. Happy March! Enjoy the start of the Sounders season! I love your primroses. They are so bright and cheery. Unfortunately we have yet another snow storm coming in here tonight. Have fun at the game tonight!

  3. I would purr too if I had some sunshine to sit in. Enjoy your March. You have a lot to look forward to.

  4. Your Amaryllis is doing so well and the Primroses are so pretty. I haven't dared to put mine outside yet. Hopefully soon we won't have below freezing temps at night. Quite a bit of snow in our yard still. I have noticed that the sunshine has real warmth though. I love it and can't wait to putter outside.

  5. You have a full month of celebrations ahead, for certain! Love the color of the primroses - it's so wonderful to see spring starting to arrive. I'm hopeful it will be here too in the next four weeks or so.

  6. Nice title...marching along. the sun is quite high up and we receive much warmth. Soon things will start to liven up.

  7. March already! It is snowing here. We get the majority of snow in March in Colorado. I'm ready to see some green and some flowers. Primroses! I love them. I would plant them, but the winter winds would freeze them and the deer would eat the ones that didn't freeze. Maybe I will get some for the house.

  8. Ah, you give me hope. I am buying more hellebores this year.

  9. Lucky you, your team starts so soon. My baseball boys are still in Spring Training. Can't wait for the season to start. Good luck to your Sounders this year.
    I really have to get an Amaryllis next year. Yours is so pretty.

  10. Spring is such a welcome relief. We are now getting rain and it's warming. Love your primroses...

  11. Ohh nice! I wish our cold NE wind would stop so I could do the same on my front porch. It's still so cold working out there. Love your new pretty bird header, Linda. :-)

  12. Happy Birthday to your Jill! She is inbetween the ages of my girls they will be 47 and 44 this year. How did they get so old so fast!
    Your primroses are beautiful! I could send you some snow:)

  13. Happy Birthday, Jill. Your primroses are very cheerful in the bright blue planters. Glad the snow is mostly melted but wouldn't mind the melt being sped up a bit with some warmer temperatures. Happy March!


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