Monday, March 4, 2019

Saturday Sounders Soccer in Seattle

The Sounders kicked off their 2019 Major League Soccer season in fine form on Saturday night.  Graciously, they allowed Cincinnati, brand new to MLS, to score the first goal, and then they got serious.

It was cold, but we did the full deal, March to the Match and all. 
 We listened to the band, Sound Wave, in Occidental Park.
 Then we marched en mass to the stadium where Tom and I chose to take the elevator to the top level this time. 
 We ate stadium food. The Ivar's clam chowder was piping hot and a perfect meal for dining al fresco on the third deck. 
 At 6:30 the sunlight was slowly fading away. 

 Inside the stadium, the opening ceremonies got under way. Rockets red glare, bombs bursting in air.

The Emerald City Supporters deployed their huge tifo. We celebrated the team of 2009 on this, our tenth anniversary year in MLS. 

It was a fun match, hearing that huge crowd roar four times as the Sounders defeated Cincinnati 4-1. 

We took our time leaving , letting the crowds thin out, and taking in the views.  These towers are the exhaust vents for the new tunnel that just opened under the city They change colors, and so does the Great Wheel. 

And then we made our way back to the light rail for our ride out of the city. It was a great start to a new season. 


  1. Oh, neat! I didn't know that the towers would change colors, what a great idea! And congratulations to the Sounders for such a solid win! :-)

  2. A great way to start Sounders season! I didn't know about the towers -way cool!

  3. It is always nice to have a win to start the season. Good luck Sounders.

  4. Congrats on the win and what a great way to start a season. I am always impressed at all the ceremonies. They alone would be worth going to the games. Smart move on the elevators.

  5. Wow, quite the production. Hope they have a winning season for you to enjoy.

  6. Great shots. Always fun when the home team wins


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