Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Sunday Birthday Celebration

Sunday we celebrated Jill's birthday with her kids, her brother Jake, her Aunt Jan, and us, her parents, also known as The Rents.

Jill requested MEAT and PIE, cherry pie to be precise. That has always been her favorite. Tom and I fulfilled the request, preparing pork ribs, corn bread, oven roasted potato wedges, fresh asparagus, and fruit salad. There was good eatin', but of course I have no photos of the food or the eating. I was busy. There is only the photo of the table, taken earlier in the day, before I got busy.
There were daffodils on the table, of course, my mother's dishes, my aunt's goblets, and my grandmother's embroidered table runner, which back in her day would have been a "dresser scarf". 

There were gifts: a "Gus the Bus" tee shirt for camping.
 A table topper and set of four place mats that I made, using scraps left over from making dresses for Irene in years past. 
Here's a close up:

 And there was birthday pie. 

Jill's real birthday was Monday, March 4th. As she does annually, she took the day off from work in order to go around and collect and eat all of the free food one can claim on your birthday.
A Grand slam from Denny's, and a pancake stack from IHOP.
 Coffee and a donut from Krispy Kreme
There was a burger and fries from Red Robin, which she ate before remembering to take a photo.

A fancy drink from Starbucks.

 A dessert from Panera.
A slurpee from 7-Eleven.
And her left over piece of pie from Mom. 
She assures her public that she does not eat that way usually, only once a year.

She's back to work today, hopefully without a stomach ache. We do know she's a year older, but not necessarily wiser. Wisdom is not yet her goal. 


  1. wow, never thought to spend my birthday eating free food but guess thatwould give me a stomach ache...

  2. :0 She has a birthday tradition! You will know when she gets older as she won't be able to eat that much! The placemats you made are so cheerful! :)

  3. A slightly belated birthday wish for Jill. She sounds like a young woman who knows how to enjoy life ( and free food!)
    I like the place mats. They're cute.

  4. What a fun thing to do on your birthday. Thanks for the tip. It was obviously another fun event with the Reeders.

  5. Aw, I love Jill and the children, and Aunt Jan too. I can't imagine Jill eating all that. She stays so slim and pretty. Oh, and that beautiful hair they all three have. The place mats are pretty. Never thought of making place mats. We need some for our new round table. You always set such a pretty table. My mother knew that cherry pie was my favorite. She used to call me and say, if you will come and spend the weekend with me, I will make you a cherry pie.

  6. Good for your Daughter. I laughed out loud at your last comment, 'Wisdom is not yet her goal'.

  7. That is so funny! I had no idea there was so much free food available, but I have to admit I kind of had a stomach ache on her behave just from looking at it all. Oh to be young!

  8. "Wisdom is not yet her goal" made my day! Jill's annual free-food rampage was lots of fun; thanks for taking us along! Your table topper and place mats are way cool!

  9. Ha ha, I think I exploded at IHop. I had no idea there were so many freebies out there. Hope her youth carried her through the next day.

  10. LOL! She may not be wise but she's certainly pretty smart. I don't celebrate my birthday anymore, rather I have a "me" day where I get to do what I like. Perhaps I'll have to consider checking in for free meal or two.

    Love the table topper and place mats, as well as the table runner. I remember the dresser scarf well.

  11. That is so amazing! I love it. I didn’t even know you could get all that free food. I know we get a free meal at Anna Millers and a drink at Starbucks, but that’s all I know for Hawaii. I didn’t know about iHop. Hmmm... I shall have to see if that works here too.


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