Saturday, March 30, 2019

Marching into April

It was a sunny day near the end of the month of March when I took these photos. When spring finally arrived, it erupted! While we are away, here are a few more photos of spring arriving at Reeder Garden. 

 Forsythia in its golden glory.
 An early epimedium.
 A pretty pink corydalis. 
 Leucojum, large late snowdrops 
 with primroses.These have been re-blooming now for many years in this spot. 
 Ranunculus that plant themselves everywhere, and are sometimes dug out, sometimes appreciated. 
 The magnolia stellata is fill bloom. 

 The first trilliums.

 Pretty blue choinodoxa.
 A pretty pink hellebore that survived the snow dump. 
 Crocus mixture 
Primroses transplanted from porch pots in previous years are happy the cold days are over and they can bloom unmolested. 
 Native Oregon Grape, transplanted from my valley in Oregon years ago. 
 Geranium cuttings and tomato starts from the greenhouse, getting a sun bath. 
 Tulips will be erupting soon, and daffodils will nod farewell.
 And the birds are nesting. Chick-a-dees have claimed the church house in the rose bed and are busy going in and out.  
And look! A woolly bear caterpillar.


  1. love the yellow bursts of color. our redbud tree is about to burst forth and our day lilies are growing-that's about it except for ornamental trees that our neighbors have...on to april! your yard is amazing!

  2. My Forsythia is blooming the best so far and I love all the yellow. Have to remember to bring in some cuttings for inside the house.
    You yard really looks wonderful.

  3. Blooms in your garden are well under way.Chickadees put on a good show when they are nesting.

  4. Lovely, just lovely! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Spring is so pretty at your place! :)

  6. Just gorgeous flowers! What an amazing array. My first trillium of the season is on your header. Thanks for the wonderful pictures. :-)

  7. Beautiful! I love that little birdhouse.

  8. I love seeing all your pretty blooms!! Makes me look forward to mine which will be in another month I'm supposing.
    I haven't had much luck with Primroses planted outside after blooming on the porch. They sometimes put out some leaves but blooms are few.

  9. Spring is looking glorious in your garden!


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