Monday, August 2, 2021

Adventure Reports

 Sunday morning the kids came for brunch and reports on their recent adventures. 

After we all sat down to eat I called on Jake first. He stammered and said he wasn't ready. Well, Ok then, moving on.

Irene was next, but since she and Jill were on the same mountain trek, they both participated. We  had already seen photos on Facebook, so we knew where they had been and how it looked. It looked sort of scary to me, but Irene said it was not scary at all, not even walking on the part called the "Knife's Edge". They were in the Goats Rocks Wilderness portion of the Pacific Crest Trail. It was a four day, three night high mountain hike. Jake had hiked this part of the PCT before so he had lots of questions about "Did you go there, did you see this, did you camp here?" Tom and I mostly listened.

I'll share some of Jill's photos .

Day 1, setting out on the trail

Sheep Lake

Day 1 camp at Snowgrass Flats by the springs

Golden hour on Mount Adams

Sunset on Mount St. Helens
Day 2 Knifes Edge with views of Mt Rainier

Going up
Looking ahead to peaks at 6981ft  and then 7210 ft

Over the top and down. View of Mount Rainier.
Day 2 Elks Pass, and starting down
Day 3 All down in the forest

Day 4 Back up on the ridge to peak at 6711 ft
Mountaineers and Mount Rainier
Traversing just below the summit of Hogback Mountain
Natural beauty
White Pass Ski Area

The end of the line, pick up by Aunt Jan, and a night in a condo to rest and relax. 

Mount Rainier is one of my most favorite places on earth, and I get sad when I think that I will not now be able to hike its flower filled meadows. Of course I was never able to do what they are doing, but I continue to be thrilled that my two kids. and now my granddaughter, love spending time and challenging them selves in our beautiful mountains.

While Jill and Irene went south in the Cascade Range, Jake went north to the wilds of the North Cascades. 

It took the first day to drive to the trail head and hike in to the camp in the Entiat Cirque in the Glacier Peak Wilderness. From here it is possible to climb three peaks.

Jake sent me these photos after his report so we could really appreciate this endeavor. 

Day 1 Camp
On the first climbing day the summited Seven Finger Jack.

At the top. Jake's climbing partner Steve. 
Jake at the top. Look at those views!

Glacier Peak in the distance.
Their camp, back down off the summit.

They also made it to the top of Mount Maude, and then decided to save the third summit for another adventure. Jake says it's not fun getting older and having parts of your body not cooperating. I know.
Instead they took time to just enjoy the peacefulness of their wilderness camp. 

There was one more adventurer in our midst. Isaac doesn't hike. He shops. He and a good friend and fellow high school graduate spent their get away in Hawaii. They enjoyed the beach, snorkeled, shark cage dived, and played tourist in Honolulu. They did plenty of walking and bike riding to get around and through the crowds. Isaac did not return with photos. Instead he proudly showed off his new Gucci shoulder bag and Louis Viton wallet. 

He's happy, and he earned the money working full time at his Pizza joint job, so we'll embrace his differences. 

Tom and I were very happy to have had this time together and to have been able to share vicariously in the adventures of our family. 


  1. Oh, I loved looking at these pictures and remembering when I also used to backpack. Those days are over, but I have so many wonderful memories, and I can still go for day hikes without much difficulty, if I choose carefully, that is. :-)

    1. I thought of you constantly as I worked on this post. I dedicate it to you, my mountain loving friend.

  2. How great to have them go and all come back safely! I enjoyed seeing the photos! :)

  3. These are truly awesome photos, Linda. Looks like mother and daughter had a great time. What? Isaac was in Hawaii. That is too cool! I wish he had photos to share.

  4. What great adventuring! I am afraid that I am more in camp with Isaac. Shop and shop. Glad he enjoyed our islands. Tourists were pouring in and many places weren't ready for the mass of people. Lines everywhere and no cars to rent. Beaches were packed. It is much better now - the rush in in over.

    My kids are all in Seattle right now, visiting my #3 child who lives there and expecting their first child in October. She used to hike and bike everywhere when she lived here but hasn't gone hiking there at all. She said that Seattle hikers are REAL hikers.

    Congrats on having everyone back, safe and sound, and all the richer with a Gucci bag and LV wallet!

  5. I just spent an evening listening to my son's vacation adventure of hiking/camping in the Adirondacks. He is hiking, biking or kayaking every chance he gets. My daughter has lived most of her life now in rebellion against any kind of athletic activity that apparently I forced upon her in her childhood. Once I picked up my grandson to go kayaking with me and invited her along but she just demanded to know why I didn't stay home and knit like a proper grandmother. Sometimes we both think she was somehow switched at birth.

  6. You certainly can be proud of your kids and grands. What a great mother/daughter time they had. Had to smile a bit at Jake's bemoaning how the body can rebel. Actually Isaac got in some exercise also. They say shopping is great with all the starting and stopping. Takes more energy to put a body in motion than to keep it in motion. At least I keep thinking that:)

  7. Wow, they all had some amazing adventures - the photos are spectacular.

  8. Great pictures!! You have very adventurous children and grands.
    I'm glad they all got back safely.

  9. how fun there does come that time when we look back on our adventures and encourage our younger family members to explore the world.

  10. Oh, I am so glad that your kids and grandkids enjoyed themselves so much, pursuing their dreams and having fun. I loved looking at the photos. Also glad that Isaac enjoyed his Hawaii trip.

  11. What amazing pictures! Gives me goosebumps just looking at them. Irene is a beautiful young lady, just like her mother. Enjoyed seeing Jake's adventure too. You and Tom raised two amazing kids, and now you have two amazing grandchildren. I looked at this post yesterday but had to come back again today to look again.

  12. I am envious. Those hikes into the magnificent wilderness are over for me. I am so glad to see the younger generation enjoy it though.

  13. Those look like very adveturous hikes! Oh to be young again.

  14. We have the same with our children when they go hiking in Canada, Greenland or Iceland and sometimes very scary. We have in return beautiful pictures. Their photos are beautiful!


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