Sunday, August 8, 2021

Watching Olympics

 Well, Hello. I'm back. Somehow I never got around to thinking of anything to post about. Maybe it's because I was watching a lot of television. 

I didn't think I would watch much of the Olympics this time around. The 2020 Olympics were really the 2021 Olympics, there were no fans in the stands, and controversy lingered over the threat of Covid.  But the weather here got hot again, just like in Japan, and I had the choice to stay indoors and be lazy. 

The first week was preoccupied with gymnastics and especially Simone Biles. She is a wonderful athlete with a dramatic story, but there were lots of amazing athletes there, and I got tired of it always only being about her. I soon learned to surf the four channels that are NBC affiliates to give myself options. Of course since most of the action was taking place in the middle of our night, the primetime coverage was usually the best option. 

I enjoyed the swimming. It was a nice change from the gymnastics. The fastest was the winner and it didn't matter if you pointed your toes or stuck your landing. There were other interesting water sports too: canoe and kayak racing, diving, water polo, and artistic swimming which was formerly synchronized swimming. I find the artistic swimming  weird and yet also strangely compelling, with those unnatural smiles and movements and all those legs and crotches sticking out of the water. When do they breathe? 

I liked watching skate boarding, but I was glad my kids and grands weren't doing it. All of those crashes, and some without helmets. What they did was amazing though. 

I caught a little wall climbing and boulder climbing. I have never understood why anyone would want to do rock climbing on mountains and cliffs. Talk about hanging on for dear life!

There were a lot of team sports: water polo, basketball, volley ball, soccer, baseball, and more than enough beach volleyball. Is it because of the bikinis? I didn't watch a whole game of any of these, but I got bits and pieces as I surfed other options. The equestrian competition was beautiful to watch.

My favorite of all are the track and field events. One night this week I recorded all of the field events being held overnight that don't get enough primetime coverage. I had four hours of long jumps and triple jumps and high jumps, shot put and discus and javelin throwing, Heptathlon and Decathlon competition. There were lots of remarkable athletes and athletics events. Many nations were represented. A man from India eventually won the gold in Javelin, a first for that nation.

Saturday night as the events were winding down I took a few photos from the TV. After all if I post I've gotta have pictures. 

I don't remember who won the women's high jump but I love watching them compete. 

Jumper over and down, bar still up. Success!

The 4x400 meter relays were held Saturday, one of my favorite events. Maybe one reason I like track and field competition so much is that there is no judging. The one who stays in the lines and goes the fastest or the farthest or the highest wins. You can land any way you want. 

The USA women did very well in this Olympics and the stars were out for the 4x400.

Way to go, ladies!
The USA men have had a harder time of it, with disappointments and mistakes. Would they finally get their hand offs right and outsprint the Jamaicans?

Hand off success. Now run like crazy. 
Yep. They did. 
Finally some men's team redemption.

Rhythmic gymnastics were intriguing on the final night. The costumes are beautiful, the skills are high level, and as was described by one announcer,  it's like intricate ballet while keeping your balls, or hoops, or batons in the air.

The USA Women played in the gold medal games in both volleyball and basketball Saturday night.

Sue Bird finished her fifth Olympics with a fifth basketball gold medal. The USA women have won seven straight now.

The USA Women won their first ever gold in volleyball.

I'm sure the celebrations continued into the night. 

We'll watch the closing ceremonies, delayed of course, on Primetime today. And then it will be over for another four - oops, three years. 

I must admit I enjoyed watching the 2020 (21) Olympics very much. 


  1. I had to chuckle when I read your comment about the 'artistic' swimming. All those legs and crotches sticking out of the water...You're right. I don't know when in the world they get to breathe. Well, now it's all over and we get to breathe and watch our regular TV programs. Have a great week.

  2. I didn't watch much at all. Something about the intense competition always unsettles me.

  3. I didn't watch a lot but enjoyed what I did. I kind of liked the unknown's success stories and those who won for their countries for the first time. I too loved the equestrian and was fascinated by the synchronized diving. Don't think I had ever seen it before. It is a shame the conditions the athletes had to endure do to Covid.

  4. I didn't watch as much as you did, but I certainly enjoyed them as well. I was annoyed with our broadcasters who tended to show just pieces of the events during "primetime". I stayed up way past my bedtime a couple of nights to watch full games of baseball or volleyball.

  5. thanks for the overview we didn't watch any...but I would have enjoyed the dancing part.

  6. I enjoyed the stuff I did watch, but now I'm thinking I need to check out the rhythmic gymnastics. I didn't even know it was a thing. :-)

  7. Enjoyed your pictures. I didn't watch any, well, I did happen to see a tiny bit of the USA Women winning volleyball.

  8. I never heard of rythmic gymnastics! I will search for it on YouTube. I admire the skill and dedication of all who participated, no matter what sport. Our own Carissa Moore took the Gold in surfing! We are very happy here.

  9. I would have liked to watch some of it, but I have family here. My TV hasn't even been on. We've been busy with my baby grandson and too exhausted to do much in the evening. :)

  10. We watched very little, a little of the diving. :)

  11. We enjoyed watching the Olympics too. We're thrilled that the U.S. did so well in the competitions.


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