Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Farewell Rockaway, Goodbye August

 While we have been back from our little Oregon Coast vacation for a few days now, there are a few more pics to post.

We enjoyed several short walks on the beach, about a mile each, but enough to enjoy the sand, the surf, and our Twin Rocks. 

Sunsets, which we could enjoy from the porch of the cabin,  were nice too.

Even after a rainy afternoon the clouds parted enough for the sun to say "Good day".

Our cabin sits right beside the railroad tracks along Highway 101. During the summer the tourist train runs between Garibaldi and Rockaway. Sometimes the engine is an old diesel, but sometimes it is an older steam engine. If we are around we like to catch a glimpse of it. 

As it approaches the street crossing, it blows its whistle, but then I have to get out of the cabin and through the trail through the bushes. I am not very fast these days.

Well, that might have been close enough anyway. As you can see, it is right there! And I still got to wave at some of the passengers. 

Our time at the beach came to an end, but we still had more to do.

Saturday we drove inland, over the mountains and through the forests, to Vernonia, Oregon, where my late sister Ilene and her family lived. Ilene had for years hosted the family picnic, and this time her sons took on the job in her memory. 

There was lots of good food, lots of good visiting, and or course the kids played. 

I'm still working off this plate of dessert, but who can pass up lemon trifle, chocolate cake, peach cobbler, and wild black berry cobbler. Not me. 
The park is in a lovely setting and I enjoyed the greenness of the river.
Here we all are. There are a few missing, and of course we missed those we lost in the last year and a half, but it was a good day for reuniting.

And now, it is August 31st. I just payed the bills, I have done my Physical Therapy, I walked my mile and a quarter, and I am ready to go have lunch. There will be home grown tomatoes. 

Good bye August, hello September.  Be safe everyone, and keep good thoughts for all those kids and staff going back to school. 


  1. Wow, what an incredible vacation. I have never been to Oregon, but it looks so inviting. Loved all of your posts. I am amazed that Irene is as tall as Jill. That kid is now a woman. How time flies!

  2. I used to think about school starting every Sept. but not anymore. The teacherman character finally left me. Have a great September.

  3. That's a lovely big bunch!! I like how often your families seem to get together. I had to chuckle at your comment on my blog that although I'm now going into Fall you, on the other hand, still have 3 weeks of summer. Enjoy every minute!!

  4. enjoyed a few moments of coolness and beach beauty. looks like a fun family reunion.

  5. It's wonderful that the family tradition was honored by your nephews. And the picture shows a family thatis still growing -- all the wee ones!

  6. A beautiful place to live, indeed. And I'd like to ride that train myself. A wonderful family picture! Thank you.

  7. How nice that the sons have take over the tradition. Not usually a guy thing and they did a great job. Someone sure did on the desserts:) Sp glad you all had this time together.

  8. My, that train was close! It's wonderful that your sister's family are continuing the tradition.

  9. You have such a full and wonderful life - filled with family, nature, and food. It is very nice.

  10. Good to hear you had a get together, it is nice to continue family traditions! Looks like great desserts too!

  11. That is such a gorgeous, gorgeous area. Your dessert plate had my mouth watering. Yuuuum! You're so lucky you can all have these terrific get togethers in such a beautiful place.


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