Thursday, December 2, 2021

Field Trip

 Wednesday we went on our Christmas shop field trip. Our numbers are shrinking, and this year only friend Jan was able to go with us. Age and loss of mobility are taking their toll on most of us.

I didn't take many photos, none of our first stop at the Scandinavian shop in Ballard, but , Ya sure, we did lots of looking and considerable buying too.

Next up, Larsen's Bakery, also in Ballard. Here we bought our Christmas Kringle and a few other goodies. Since inside dining was not allowed, we chose to sit outside to enjoy our almond croissants and lattes. It was about 56 degrees, a bit breezy, but not raining. Scandinavians are hardy souls.

We had all eaten very light breakfasts so we could indulge at the bakery. Those almond croissants are wonderful!

From the bakery we traveled to north Ballard to Swanson's Nursery. Nurseries have the best Christmas shops. 

We looked at all of the ornament displays inside as well as the plants outside. We made a few gift purchases. What I like best is all of the holiday greenery and winter blooms.  

There were no reindeer this year. In their place was this huge train installation, complete with a very large collection of toy dinosaurs, meant to entertain kids, for sure, but us adults too. 

Heading north on Aurora Avenue toward Sky Nursery, we found an Ivar's and stopped for lunch. Clam chowder made for a yummy lunch.

Our final stop was Sky Nursery and their large Christmas gift shop. This fun owl greeted me. 

Jan is a great shopper. Of course we had to look at everything.
Of course I don't need to show you everything. 
I do really like these laser cut wooden decorations with all of their detail. 

I have stopped collecting ornaments for the most part, but I allow myself one new Santa.
This Santa and sleigh was new and one came home with me. 

I have stopped adding to my fruit and vegetable ornament collection, but I was tempted by this trio of colorful peppers, because we raised some just like these for the first time last summer. 
I can't decide if these are elves, trolls, or gnomes, but they are everywhere now. 

There were more pretties out in the greenhouse.

We were home by 3:30, ahead of the rush hour traffic, and well before dark. It was a fun day.


  1. It looks like it was a fun day. It sure was nice to get out for a short hike without any rain falling on us. I love those gnomes, which do seem to be everywhere this year. :-)

  2. Yes, it looks like a fun day and a very FULL day too. I'm amazed how much walking you can do.
    Those Almond Croissants would be my choice too.

  3. But you said you didn't take very many photos? I can never trust you again! Awesome photos. There's so much to see at Christmas in the nurseries.

  4. What a fun day and a great way to get into the spirit. Think I'd have taken that owl home though. How cute.

  5. I love almond croissants and beautiful holiday displays, although I rarely buy anything. I already have so much I should get rid of!

  6. Your outing almost makes me wish I hadn't downsized almost all our ornaments. Since we're not at home for the holidays, we don't need them any more.

  7. That's an amazing Christmas store! The train exhibit has that beautiful photo behind it, but also clouds, and a hot air balloon above it. I must go with you next time! (I'd buy too much stuff!) Linda in Kansas

  8. wow, looks fun. I spend Wednesdays with Caryn shopping around and doing lunch. Check out my blog for photos of Caryn's elaborate Christmas's awesome. I still have Thanksgiving up and turkey leftovers in the!

  9. Yes, I hear you about mobility issues. But what a fun day you had! Love those croissants and that owl ornament looked so cute.

  10. The colors in the greenhouse are so very pretty. That includes the ornaments. Sounds like you had a wonderful day.

  11. I would never be able to decide on what to buy. I've never seen so many pretty Christmas ornaments. Sure love your new Santa and sleigh.

  12. I love almond croissants!
    It is nice to see different decorations, especially the vegetable decorations.
    All is beautiful and I think you must have had a very nice day!


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