Wednesday, December 22, 2021


 It's very dark here today but the temperature is rising. 48 degrees means rain, not snow. That's good. Snow can wait until after Christmas. 

Hopefully my Christmas bread dough is rising too. Right now it is proofing in a slightly warmed oven. Today is bread baking day. 

Yesterday, Winter Solstice, was gray, with sky and sea blended together in the view from our friend Jeanne's window.

Jeanne is in fragile health, but that doesn't prevent her from knowing what's going on in the world. She is particularly aware politically, and fortunately we agree on all of it. :-)

Jeanne is Norwegian by heritage so we brought along a little Solstice party - Fatigmand  and lefse.  There was eggnog with a little brandy too. Ya sure, we had a good visit. 

It's December 22nd, we are counting down, and the lists are getting checked off. We made our final grocery run this morning.  I think it's time to tend to the bread dough now.

See you later. 


  1. Thanks for introducing me to Jeanne, and I too wouldn't mind a wee bit of that eggnog with brandy. Wishing her and you and all the clan the very best of holidays! :-)

  2. How lovely that you were able to bring your friend some special Christmas foods that she surely will remember from her childhood. I'm baking bread today too, actually some of the dough will be made into buns to be eaten with cold turkey on the 26th!! I use the same dough for both bread and buns.

  3. So wonderful you were able to spend some time with your friend Jeanne. I'm sure she was thrilled with the visit and the good food.
    The countdown is nearly over!

  4. I see that you have the appropriate sweater for the season.

    1. Yes, indeed. I bought that sweater at the Dale of Norway factory in person when we were on our Scandinavian trip some years ago.

  5. I see alertness in Jeanne's eyes! How nice to have such a friend.

  6. I love your sweater! I have one in black from Norway. It is very warm indeed!
    How nice to have a solstice party.
    I wish you a nice Xmas party with your family.

  7. I have avoided eggnog every year because I love it and it seems so decadent. Maybe I will buy some after our Chirstmas visit with family this week. I bake little to take up to them because they are all weight and health conscious, and it shows on their strong and athletic bodies. So I do some baking just for me and freeze much for later.

  8. we just made our final grocery run too...and it's raining here, big storms coming our way-hopefully no snow here!

  9. It's fabulous that you were able to have that time together. Those are beautiful photos of the two of you.


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