Monday, December 6, 2021

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

 I've  always liked that song, and I've always liked preparing for Christmas - the decorating, the baking, not so much the shopping, but going to Christmas shops, a few gatherings with friends.

The tree is up now, in fact both trees are up. The last decorating thing I did on Sunday was make arrangements of fresh greens for the house.

The big tree, the memory and collection tree, above, and the travel tree, below.

More Santas in the living room.

The dining room

In the living room, along with the travel tree. 
In the front entry. 

The family room, where the Santa collection and the big tree live. 

In the kitchen.

In the powder room. 

When we were on our field trip I saw an inexpensive advent calendar at the Scandinavian shop and since I had never had one of my own, I decided to buy it for myself. Now every evening, after dinner, when my work is finished, I sit for a bit and have a piece of chocolate, along with my meds, and open my calendar. 
Cookie baking has also begun. That will be my project for this week, along with a bit more instore shopping. 

We'll talk about the trip to the dentist and the cardiologist later. 

I know most of you have seen all of this before, but I have a new follower who lives in France. she has been showing me her decorations and she wants to see mine. Thanks to the rest of you for indulging me. 


  1. Absolutely beautiful! You're a busy lady! Linda in Kansas

  2. I love seeing your beautiful decorations, Linda. No apologies necessary. Plus, I really like that selfie you took! :-)

  3. Wow, wow, wow. You two have done a splendid job. Everything is amazing and really liked the lighted pine cone wreath.

  4. I sure don't mind seeing your decorating again; in fact my memory being what it is it's all new again to me.
    Your house should be featured in one of those glossy Christmas magazines.

  5. always enjoy seeing your decor-I think you have Caryn beat-I took photos and they are on my blog of her home. I'll start decorating later this week.

  6. I'm new too and have never seen them either. They are gorgeous! Your home is extremely festive and well-decorated

  7. I love all your photos. We have an advent Calder that is reusable so each year we addd rears up to 24. Buddy loves it. He is the one decorating.

  8. I'll take the cookies! Looks great.

  9. Yummy looking cookies! I love your garland with the Shiny Brites:)

  10. I'm always, always so very impressed with your holiday decorations, Linda. Your home looks so gorgeous and the decorations on your tree is very unique and beautiful!

  11. Your home is so lovely and the trees are just amazing - I'm sure every ornament evokes special memories. The greens you've brought indoors must smell so good.


  12. It really does look a lot like Christmas there! It is so beautiful. You have such a beautiful home anyway.

  13. I never get tired of seeing your Christmas decorations, so this was a treat. Merry Christmas!

  14. You should be featured in Good Housekeeping! What a beautiful home for the holidays!

  15. Wouah! I love your Christmas decoration! My son also made a travel Christmas tree. It’s a very good idea.
    It must be a hard work to install all these decorations. Next year when we will have our son’s baby boy I will put more decorations and back to a real tree! Thank you for sharing your Xmas decoration and put a link to my blog!


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