Wednesday, December 15, 2021


Thanks for all of the fun comments about my Santa collection. I have shared many of them over the years, but I love it that you still enjoy seeing them. I have been collecting them for many years, from craft bazars, from travels, from gift shops, and even from antique stores. I am trying very hard not to collect any more. My shelves are full. I just counted and I have 68 of them sitting around.  That doesn't count the few I have hanging on a wall, or the Santa ornaments on the tree.

Much more recently, when we started going on our Christmas field trip, I began buying one glass Santa each year. They have added up. Here are some of them.

This Santa with sleigh is this year's addition. Yes, that's a carrot by the reindeers nose, part of my very large fruit and vegetable ornament collection. :-)

Not every figure on the tree is jolly. Krampus is here too, to remind us to be good, or you will just get a switch in your stocking. And that ornament hanging next to him?  Bacon. I do have some fun with my decorations. 

So now, the card labels are printed. My cards are supposed to arrive tomorrow, and we hope to have them in the mail Friday morning. 

Our tea party yesterday was fun, and our guests went home full of cookies and in the Christmas spirit. 

The gifts are wrapped, except for a couple that are hidden away that I remembered last night when I wasn't sleeping. I woke up at 8:30 this morning to make up for the lack of sleep.

We just made a quick trip to drop off some items at Goodwill and then do a little shopping at Costco. It was busy but not really crowded, except the parking lot, and we felt safe in our masks. Everyone was well behaved.

Now it's lunch time and then I have a whole afternoon to fill. I'll take time with the newspaper over lunch, I'll get back to Blogger and see what you all have been up to, and I'll read my book! Such luxury!

Be happy.


  1. I too love your pretty Santas. I enjoy seeing what others like to do with the holiday, and I can appreciate without all the shopping and purchases. I really do like light green color, Linda. It's nice. :-)

  2. I think you have the most Santas of anyone else, and they are wonderful.

  3. You have luxury but it is good to have time to follow interests . You've been busy so you've earned some luxury time.

  4. Those glass Santas are simply lovely. The Krampus is creepy in a good way, and I love the idea of bacon and veg as special ornaments.

    I'm still managing with unbreakable ornaments on the tree - first it was the cats and now it's the grandson. Maybe in a year or so I'll start transitioning.

  5. You have the more beautiful Santa’s I have ever seen! I love them.
    Nice you had a nice day with your friends!
    Today, I had the surprise to have the workers to change my windows and doors for four days! I am in panic, my son is due to arrive on Saturday and they stay until Tuesday. They should have come in January! Fortunately I ordered the turkey yesterday.

  6. You have quite the collection of Santas...I have none but do have several nativity sets. On to Christmas. happy Holidays!

  7. Love how you mix carrots and bacon in with the ornaments. You have an amazing collection. I'm just glad I didn't know about Krampus when I was little. He is scary.

  8. The US mail service must be a lot better than our Canadian one. The cards I mailed on the first of December still have not made their way to the prairies. Your Santas are lovely. I'm not sure I'd want a bacon ornament on my tree but then I'm not much of a bacon fan anyway. I hope you're enjoying these last days before Christmas.

  9. I love seeing your collections and cheerful attitude.

  10. Always fun to see your beautiful ornaments!

  11. You really do have the most amazing Santa collection. Thank you for sharing them with us every year.


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