Wednesday, December 29, 2021


 Snow in Seattle is news worthy. We have hills. We don't have many snow plows or sanding trucks or drivers to man them. Most of us are not skilled at driving in snow. And we certainly aren't used to temps dropping below 20 degrees. 

On Sunday it snowed all day, and depending on where you were, the accumulation was anywhere from 4 to 12 inches. We got 4 inches. Then Monday night we got another inch or two. And it got cold, 17 here, but very cold up north, in the single digits.

Today, Wednesday, is sunny and warming up to 28 degrees. Most streets are passible. However, snow is in the forecast for tonight into tomorrow. I have appointments tomorrow over in Bellevue, a CT scan and surgeons to meet. I have my fingers crossed that Tom, who can drive in snow, will get me there.

Meanwhile, I have been out in the snow a few times, and of course I took photos. Get ready for a photo dump .:-)

Along the driveway I found a cat freeway. 
Untracked snow, kinda' hate to mess it up, but here I go. 

Tom's bonsai are tucked away under the garden hoop houses. 
Someone put the cushion out. 
Cat tracks heading into the secret garden.
My tracks

Something dramatic happened here.

Bird tracks on the bird bath.

Icicle's on the greenhouse, even longer the next day. 
Snowberry bush, now a snow bush. 
Definitely Charlie/Mewdini's tracks, coming to explore the neighborhood. He lives in the house back in that corner lot. 

Winter sun.
"Snowball: hydrangea. 

Charlie, is that you? Probably. 

Icicles gleaming in the morning sun this morning. 

That's all, folks. (Finally)


  1. The first snow of the year is always so pretty. And with all of the wonderful plants, bushes and trees you have in your yard it is even more so.

    Hope all goes well with your appointments tomorrow.

  2. Beautiful! I managed to get my laundry done but that is all for yet another cold and blustery day. We had strong winds for most of the morning and I stayed in. Love your picture!

  3. Beautiful patterns and drama in the snow! Don't stand under the icicles too long: they do fall off and cause major "owies." Linda in Kansas

  4. Heavy wet snow can be difficult to navigate in. You always have to worry about the other driver who doesn't know how to drive on ice or snow. Stay safe.

  5. You have wonderful icicles!! Snow is so pretty but so inconvenient. Hope your trip to your appointments goes well.

  6. Beautiful snow and I love how it exposes all the animal traffic you had during the night. Thanks for the snow fix.

  7. fun but cold. we are predicted to have our yearly snowfall but so far only rain...and 40 degrees. I can handle that.

  8. Although I love snow pictures, I'm ready for it to go away. We got about 6 inches here and my heat pump can't keep up in such cold weather. Hope you get to your CT without any scary moments on the road!

  9. You've got snow, and we, here in the snowbelt, don't! If Tom didn't know how to drive in snow, I'd worry about you. Here everyone gets snowtires on for the winter.

  10. Love all the snow pictures, looks like a magical wonderland. Take care getting out and about. You're in good hands with Tom.

  11. Beautiful! Hope all goes well for your appointments!

  12. Oh my gracious! It all looks so gorgeous! I do miss seeing snow and even walking on it before it turned to ice. I remember the kids having so much fun in it. Sigh.... It brings back a lot of lovely memories.


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