Tuesday, January 4, 2022


All of the calendars in the house say January. In fact it's the 4th of January already. How did that happen?

On Saturday, the 1st, we began packing away the Christmas decorations. Since it takes days to put them up, it also takes days to put them away. Several tubs were filled.

On Sunday, the 2nd, I packed up all of the Santa Claus collection. That's four tubs. That left bare shelves.

Since I had already done my hour plus of PT that day, it was time to rest and watch football. Oh, and make a big pot of beef stew. 

On Monday, the 3rd, I had to go get a COVID test. That took three hours and a lot more patience than I had. Since it was stormy most of those three hours I was glad to be waiting in my car. 

I got home just in time for my pre-check in phone appointment for my angiogram in Wednesday. Then Tom brought in the pottery tubs and the tub of pop up books, my collection and his. We had spent quite a bit of time over the two previous days searching the house for those pop up books. Finally, at the same time, from different parts of the house, we realized they were in a tub sitting in the garage under the pottery tubs. Duh. There are lots of ways to feel old these days. Now everything is back in its place. 

The TV news was showing long lines of people with their kids standing outside waiting for their COVID tests before going back to school on Tuesday. I was thankful to have been in my car. 

Now it's Tuesday, the 4th, and after a busy day, darkness is beginning to settle in. Today we took down the two Christmas trees, packed up all of the ornaments, and then "stuffed the tree up", sort of like the Grinch, except most of it is now stuffed in the attic over the garage and not up the chimney. 

The calendar is filling up, some with fun stuff and some not so fun. Tomorrow is a not fun day. Saturday we will celebrate Isaac's 19th birthday here with birthday dinner. Jill wants to do most of the cooking. We will also say "So long" to Jake, who has taken a new surveying job and is moving to Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands. Visiting him will be a 5.5 hour trip involving a ferry ride. We'll miss having him close by, but he is excited for a new adventure. 

I have added all of the Sounders soccer matches to the 2022 calendar. The games start the last day of February and I hope to be there. The season ends in late October.

No date has been set yet for my valve replacement surgery. My team is meeting tomorrow, and all of my tests should be done by late Wednesday as well. Then we'll see. Will COVID cases mess things up?

Outside the snow is nearly gone.

As the snow melted away the primroses emerged unscathed. They are hardy souls. 
The sarcococca buds will soon pop open, filling the air with their vanilla fragrance. 
Hellebore are getting ready to bloom even as they emerge from the snow. 

So too the snowdrops.

While winter here is dark, it is certainly not dead. 

So on we go, marching into the new year. Bon voyage, everyone. 


  1. I love seeing everything back in its place in the living room. I did absolutely nothing but read in my easy chair all day. It was a little strange not to exercise, but I'm enjoying being a slug for a few days. :-)

  2. You're a very busy lady. I hope that the tests go well and needed treatment is done on time.

  3. Seems like your garden flourishes in spite of the snow! Sounds like you have your medical adventure steps moving forward. Write down your questions! You're describing a good team to "change your spark plug and tune your engine." Linda in Kansas

  4. It's nice to get everything back to normal but as for me I'm waiting another week or maybe more. I hope Covid doesn't mess with any of your plans. I hope your week goes well.

  5. I love seeing your flowers emerging through the snow. I always look forward to the winter solstice as hope for spring starts then with me. So glad to see the snow going. Hope your medical stuff can all get done quickly. Waiting is sometimes the hardest part.

  6. Happy for Jake's opportunity but sorry about the 5.5 hours to visit him. It is doable though and might even be enjoyable on a boat.
    Hoping your tests go well and that Covid full hospitals don't cause much of a delay with treatment. Be well and stay safe.

  7. Congratulations to Jake on his new work opportunity. I'm sure you and he will make the most of every visit that you are able to make.

    I hope your Covid test is negative and all goes well with your remaining test results. Take care!

  8. Bon voyage, indeed. Happy trails to Jake and Happy birthday to Isaac. Hope your angiogram and later, the valve surgery go well. Getting old is not always pleasant.

  9. Good luck with all. It does feel good to get the Christmas decor put away-although we do very little now that it's just us for the holidays. Everyone else were in other places like Mexico and Peru...good luck with your surgery, etc.

  10. What a beautiful header picture of your snow covered yard! We are finally having blue skies again after days of rain, which means lot of weeds in the lawn to pull.

    Hope all goes well with Jake's move and your surgery - and Sounder's soccer season!

  11. You have waaaaaay more energy than I when decorating and redecorating.

  12. You have green with your snow! I hope your Angiogram went well! Happy Birthday to Isaac! You will get to visit Jake and see new area! Hope they schedule your surgery soon:)

  13. You always amaze me with all you get done, Linda. It's nice to see your house looking back to normal, but it always looks amazing at every season.

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