Monday, January 10, 2022

Normal Monday?

 I'm not sure what normal is any more, but at least we did the normal Monday chores: light house keeping done, all of the laundry folded and put away. 

This afternoon we went for a walk, my normal 1.25 mile route in the neighborhood. That's not easy any more, what with my stiff back and hip tendonitis, but at least I didn't have to stop and rest much. Today it was cloudy, but yesterday we got to walk in sunshine! That's not normal, but it was wonderful. When I got back I looked for sunbeams to sit in outside for a while. 

Sun and jet contrails through the tree filter. We live by the airport.

Sunshine lighting up moss.
I spent some time just sitting on the garden deck, contemplating not much. 

Walking around the garden I found pretty foliage. 

Elephant Ears are indestructible and a nuisance, but pretty when so much is bare. 
Hardy winter cyclamen will soon be sending up flower buds.

This bark covered vase was a gift from Jill. I filled it with a winter "bouquet" of red and yellow twig dogwood and euonymus branches. Tom's new little glass house from me has reindeer moss and concrete birds from Jan.

Isaac went back to WWU yesterday only to discover that they are operating classes remotely for another two weeks. He's frustrated with the missed opportunities first in high school and now in college because of Covid.

Jill is recovering and Irene tested positive but asymptomatic, so they are going to be able to keep each other company at home for another week. 

Tom and I are resigned to going back to Covid restrictions and hoping we stay well while waiting for my valve replacement. I emailed my hip surgeon to see if I can get some relief for my tendonitis. This is our normal now. 

But we  have so much to be thankful for. We will keep that in mind as we navigate January. 


  1. Now following you from Musings. Your blog is fantastic! I also have so much to be thankful for! I love all the pictures of the greenery especially the winter cyclamen. Have a great week!

  2. You have some greenery appearing which should count for something. Keep safe and I hope that medical problems can be solved one at a time.

  3. My brother and sister-in-law are both boosted and wear KN95 masks and just tested positive, too. Sigh...

  4. Sure is pretty. And yesterday's sunshine was so very welcome. :-)

  5. I'm not familiar with Elephant Ears. I am guessing they are invasive? Pretty anyway.

  6. We are back to Covid restrictions too. The garden is empty for the moment. Looking forward to Spring!

  7. Nice to see green where once was white. So glad you are able to get out and enjoy the sunshine. That had to be welcome.

  8. Your gardens have such wonderful reminders of spring. That bench would be a lovely place to sit and contemplate.

    Glad to hear that Jill is feeling some better. I hope you get some relief from your pain.

  9. glad to hear you are upbeat and have sunshine. Such beautiful green leaves everywhere in your yard!!

  10. I love your bark covered vase with the dogwood twigs. Everything is so pretty there. Nothing can brighten a gloomy day like a little ray of sunshine. Hope your pain goes away soon.

  11. I am hopeful that things will return to a new and better normal this spring. I really feel that.

  12. This virus has a hold. Stay safe. I enjoyed your garden walk.


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