Sunday, January 23, 2022

Rest Day


We got fogged out today.  At mid afternoon it's 37 degrees and the fog is so heavy it's creating tree rain. 

We are using that as a good reason to take the day off from the hard physical work we have been doing.

On Friday morning we got a 5 yard load of compost. 

Using 5 gallon buckets and a wheelbarrow, Tom got to work spreading it on the beds we had previously cleaned out. 

And I, trying to be careful, worked on cleaning out areas we had not yet groomed, like these that I finished on Friday and Saturday.  

Some of the plant material went into our compost bins, but the fir cones and sticks and woody stems went into holding bins, since our yard waste bins were already full from the previous work. 

The pile of compost has been reduced by at least half, not bad for the first two days.

But Tom is tired from lifting buckets and I have most decidedly over done it and my back and hip are angry with me. It is time to rest. 

Primroses bloom away, unbothered by the cold and the fog collecting on their petals. 
We're feeling good about what we've done so far, looking out the windows to see such a tidy garden. 
We have lots more territory to cover, but I will be easing up on my participation. It's hard for me to restrain myself when I get down on my knees and start grubbing out gardens, but I need to. This old gal ain't what she used to be. 
We won't be sitting here to rest today like we have been lately. 
It will be an inside day. We went grocery shopping early this morning, wearing our new N95 (Tom) and KN95 (Linda) masks. There are new grocery store flowers on the kitchen table, 

with a few sprigs of vanilla scented Sarcococca from the garden added in.

Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest, right?


  1. The plants must love the fog. Wish we could have one day of it here so they can bathe and absorb all that moisture.

  2. That is so much work! The gardens look great!

  3. definitely need those rest days as we age. I take naps often. Beautiful yard!

  4. Some people like to be active and doing something that is creative. I like gardening and especially watching it develop day by day but it's a long time before I think of any gardening.

  5. I thought maybe it wasn't so foggy and cold south of us, but apparently we had identical days. Heavy fog and dripping wet. Hope tomorrow will be better, but I'm in the same boat as you: not the old gal I once was! :-)

  6. Your garden is pretty enough to charge admission for a tour! Instead of the bucket, try using a cardboard box, like those filer folder storage boxes with the cut-out handles on each end. Line it with a plastic bag and fill it about 3/4 full of compost. It's much easier to carry and plop it where you want, or even just turn the box over. I also have some corrugated sturdy plastic boxes with handles on each end (like what the post office uses for big envelopes,) to haul compost where I want it. Easier on my older body. Linda in Kansas

  7. Can't knock fog when it gives you a sound excuse to just take it easier for a day or so. Love the look of your garden with that lovely fresh compost. Your plants must be loving the good food and drink you and nature provided.

  8. A healthy garden does take a tremendous amount of work. I have noticed lately that my body keeps reminding my head that I am not as young as once and I should learn to pace myself. Once I start something it seems I can only thing about finishing, and often that is to the detriment of the project more than my body. Someday I'll learn. Maybe in my next life.

  9. Your garden is so lovely, and I can only imagine the amount of work it must take to keep looking so beautiful. Hope your back and hip aren't quite so angry with you today. Take care.

  10. You and Tom work so hard! I admire you for it. Take care and don't overdo it.

  11. The flowers on your table are so pretty. It is so easy to over-do it when it comes to yard work. I start working and enjoy it so much, I don't realize how tired I am until it is too late. You and Tom keep the most beautiful yard.

  12. Your flowerbeds are looking very spruced up!
    We are also having one foggy day after another. Enough already.

  13. Is it time to change your header photo to something less alarming and more hopeful of Spring?

  14. I remember getting a giant pile of compost once, and spending most of two weeks spreading it out.


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