Saturday, January 8, 2022

Sometimes Plans Change

 As I wrote previously, we were going to celebrate grandson Isaac's 19th birthday with a family dinner here on Saturday evening. 

On Friday morning Jill called to say she and Irene had tested positive to COVID, the omnicron variant. Irene is fine but Jill was sick with a headache, sore throat, fever, and fatigue. The dinner had to be called off.

That made us sad, especially Jill, so we did what we could to make it better. We had a little outside party in their driveway.

I went to the grocery store early Saturday morning, before the crowds, bought a little cake and candles. I pulled some birthday decorations out of a box in the computer room closet. We arranged a time, arrived with a card table, cloth, plates, forks, and napkins. 

We lit the candles, which I had to do several times, it being outside. Thankfully it was not rainy or windy.
I got them lighted long enough for Isaac to blow them out.  We all sang "Happy Birthday". 

Jill watched from her bedroom window over the garage.

Irene watched from the yard and Facetimed Aunt Jan on the phone.
Then Isaac, who had tested negative just before our party, opened his gifts. I called Jake to fill him in and let him wish Isaac a happy birthday. 

Isaac was pleased with his gifts and his little party. He will return to Bellingham and college Sunday. They had remote learning this past week. 

Jill was even more pleased that her boy got to have a party. Her fever broke and she is a bit better, just very, very tired.

If Irene gets negative results from her last COVID test she will be able to go back to high school Monday. 

Jill figures either she or Irene caught it from school. Jill will be on vacation this week. She has been isolating in their house. It's not the best way to get time off, but she will have the rest she needs to get better.

Jake came over after we got home. He has been packing for his move to Friday Harbor and he had a couple of tubs of things he is not yet ready to part with to store in our attic. Tom was just finishing putting away the outside Christmas lights that he had just taken down from the eves. We got to see Jake too before he moves on Tuesday. 

It seems like we covered a lot of ground on Saturday.

Catching this variant seems to be as easy as catching a cold, very transmittable. Tom and I are back to hunkering down, knowing our dear ones are doing OK. 

Be careful out there.  


  1. When it rains it pours it seems. I suppose we will all get this variant before it goes, but I see an end in sight. Great effort to make Isaac's birthday great against the odds. Stay safe!

  2. So sorry that Jill was feeling badly from the Covid. It was so sad seeing her in the window. I know she was pleased that you saved the Birthday for Isaac. Nice job improvising. It is amazing how many people I now know whose family is dealing with the disease. It really is contagious. Hope you and Tom are staying safe and well.

  3. IT seems like another year dodging the variant...a real test of patience and self control. Creative solution for a safe birthday party...good for you!

  4. Happy Birthday to Isaac! Well done on changing things up on the fly.

    Sorry that Jill and Irene were infected - it does seem to be so much more transmissible. I wonder if Jill can't use sick leave this week instead of vacation since she is recovering?

    Take care, stay safe!

  5. Covid is a strange beast. It seems to do what it wants to do. Stay healthy! Stay safe!

  6. I think it is very catchable, but there are those who are forced to attend events and they are the ones who get it. I think most of us, if we keep our heads down, will be fine.

  7. What a wonderful solution to Isaac's party that almost wasn't. Hope everyone is good to go soon and all are safe.

  8. How sweet that you were able to still give Isaac a good birthday! This Omicron variant is everywhere now. We were all set to celebrate my son's birthday last week when he and his wife came down with it. They've both been miserable with it all week. Last year the same thing happened when we were about to celebrate my grandson's 19th birthday and he got covid. This thing sure can change our plans quickly! You two be safe!

  9. That is frustrating (stupid Covid!) but it looks like you made the best of it which is all that any of us can do!

  10. What a nice little birthday party for Isaac. It must have made Jill and Irene happy even though they had to watch from a distance. My sister Shelby and her husband Jim both have Covid (Omicron). They had a family get together for Jim's 80th birthday. Dan and I were invited but didn't go, thankfully. One of the children tested positive on Monday. Most of those at the party now have Covid. Sure hope this virus settles down soon.

  11. Great idea you had creating a driveway party for Isaac. Too bad Jill and Irene got sick though. I hope you and Tom manage to stay well.

  12. Good idea to do the party outside . I am glad for you it was not raining. It is important for young people to have a Birthday party especially when you are 19.
    Take good care.

  13. My friend John called yesterday and he's got it too. I won't be seeing him for awhile but hope to keep me and my hubby safe from it. Happy birthday to Isaac! :-)

  14. Isaac is a Capricorn like me. Happy birthday! Hope everyone stays healthy.

  15. Oh gosh, Linda. You really need to be careful since you've got that surgery coming up. I'll be thinking about you.

  16. Hope you will be safe! Happy Birthday to Isaac! Get well soon Jill!


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