Thursday, January 20, 2022


The first hellebore blooms have opened. They are shy so it's hard to see their faces.
There will be lots more as these fat buds slowly open.

Snowdrops are blooming. They are waiting for a sunny day to open up. We might get that tomorrow. 
The first bud has opened on the hardy winter cyclamen. 
Tuesday I had my last appointments before going into lock down. I got a hair cut, and then I had a Physical Therapy session that my hip surgeon set up. 

I learned that I had been doing a lot of things wrong. I learned that I should stop doing the hip stretches that weren't helping. Yesterday I created a new checklist of the changes in my PT routine. Today I went through the new routine for the first time, stopping often to check what's next and what I should be sure to pay attention to. It will take some practice.

I developed a new pain doing the new PT, so I will have to back off of that one exercise and go more gradually. I'm hobbling around less today.

While I was doing my PT today we had a power interrupt, and then Tom, who was working on the desk top computer, couldn't get it started again. He got a very loud alarm, over and over again, as he tried different fixes. He used his cell phone to contact the Geek Squad, and got an appointment to bring the computer in since they couldn't work on it remotely when it wouldn't start. Turns out his appointment was for next week, but since he was there, the tech guy we like there plugged it in, and after a few clicks and groans it started up. I guess it was in the middle of a new update in the background and didn't enjoy being interrupted. We have it back and I'm using it now. 

Earlier I finally Googled something that had been bugging me. My Levono laptop appeared to have the possibility of a lighted keyboard, but I couldn't figure how how to do it. I finally Googled the right words, apparently, because it found the answer right away and it took two easy keyboard touches. Duh. 

It's good to learn something new, even it you feel a little stupid for not knowing it before. 



  1. Can't believe you've got flowers blooming already while we still have lots of snow!

  2. Wow, love the blooms! It's cold and snowy here and will be for months yet. Thanks for sharing the signs of spring.

    Good luck with your PT and your preparations for your surgery.

  3. There's always something new to learn with computers...just think of all the knowledge and skills we are your blooms=we have done but 56 degrees and sunshine every day is nice! Take care and good luck with your procedures...

  4. Blooms must really lift your spirits at this time of year.

  5. Since it was 5 degrees F in Kansas City this morning, and jeepers, up to 11 now, your little flowers peeking out and coming up are just amazing.
    Yep, I thought my computer was frozen and broken, but the kid came over and determined it was in the middle of an update when the power flickered. You'd think the computers wouldn't be so sensitive for all of the torturous things they make us older folks do.
    Linda in Kansas

  6. Another productive busy day that ended well. Hope your new exercises help you to move like the old days.

  7. Those hellebores seem to be blooming early to me, but I was glad to see it. And I am glad to know you might be getting better PT exercises. Now you are in lockdown and soon it will all be over! :-)

  8. Love seeing the signs of new live emerging. We are still in our teens here. That was a fortunate quick fix for your computer. Good it wasn't critical. Hope the new PT exercises get easier and are more effective.

  9. Glad that you got the computer to run. Sometimes all you have to do is unplug it and reboot it. Good luck with your new PT regimen.

  10. I took a look at my Hellebores this morning. They look squashed by the snow that covered them for weeks but they'll bounce back.
    Good that you got the computer problem fixed.

  11. Such pretty flowers, they give me hope for spring:)

  12. Yay for your getting your computers back running. That is so aggravating when things go on the blink. I'm all for PT. It's done wonders for me and I'm glad it's helping you with corrections and adjustments here and there.


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