Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Light and Heavy

 There is filtered sunshine streaming through my window as I sit and type just after noon here on a breakthrough Tuesday. The breakthrough is the sun coming through thinning clouds, trying to find that patch of blue and chase the lingering wisps of fog away. It has been a dreary four days - seems like more than four - since we have seen anything but fog. 

I just took a walk around to see what Tom has accomplished. I hoped to catch him in action, but those heavy buckets of compost have worn him out for the morning, and he came in as I was going out. 

I saw my shadow!
More progress.

It bothers me that I can't be out there helping, but I have crippled myself up pretty badly and I just have to tell myself "NO".

Meanwhile the pile is shrinking.

Through all of that fog, we knew that if you went high enough, there would be sun and blue sky. That's what Jill and Irene did last Saturday. Here they are on a snow shoe hike on the slopes of Mount Rainier.

They reported that it was 50 degrees up there, compared to our 38, and with the exertion they were too warm in their light mountaineering clothes. 

Meanwhile back down here we don't work or rehab all of the time. Jill gave us a ROKU for Christmas, and when we don't have our regular TV programing to fill our evenings, we are finding new things to watch. 

We absolutely love the series "Ted Lasso" on Apple TV. It is funny and kind and sometimes heartwarming, and just plain entertaining. OH, and it's about soccer!

We do not recommend the movie we watched the other day, "Don't Look Up". While it was very well done and will probably receive award nominations, it was dark and heavy and frustrating in all of the ways that truth deniers can be. Think of climate change with a big bang.

My other new diversion is the word game that is all the craze now, "Wordle", played on the internet.  I am just three days into it, but it is a fun few minutes, or longer, depending on how long it takes to solve. If you don't get the word in six tries, you're done for the day, only one try per day. Keeps you from becoming addicted. It's sort of like working the Jumble puzzle in the newspaper, which I do every day too. 

And now it is 1:00, our lunch hour. This afternoon Tom will do more work outside. I will do a light workout on the stationary bike. I'll play Wordle and work my newspaper puzzles. And the sun will continue to light up our day. Maybe I'll sit outside!


  1. Tom has certainly been doing a lot of work. It all looks lovely, and I'm sure the plants will appreciate the compost.

    I've started Wordle too - was happy to see it doesn't require another app.

  2. Four days of dull weather will give you the blahs. Having to miss some of the things you like to do will also turn you a bit blue too!

  3. Sorry you crippled yourself up. I hope Tom doesn't cripple himself up too.

  4. Love work that shows instant results like Tom's spreading of the mulch. Looking good!! Interesting how if you get high enough, you not only get to enjoy the sun but warmer temps. It is just the getting there. At least they sent you pictures.

  5. That is a gorgeous photo of Jill and Irene on the snow. Good to know that you are resting up and have several ways to entertain yourself.

  6. We have been watching this: https://www.amazon.com/CAROL-BURNETT-SHOW-LOST-EPISODES/dp/B011QLAYCU that I got at the library. So refreshing to be in less-anxious times and I really appreciate the entertainment and Bob Mackie costuming. We also loved Ted Lasso.

  7. We haven't had any sun for days now. Looking outside at 9:00am, still dense fog. I too am injured and really dislike being forced to behave myself. Wish I had sn exercise bike at home like you. :-)

  8. Tom is a superman! Interesting and beautiful photo of Jill and Irene - higher up above the fog being sunny and warmer...

    Don't Look Up was well done drama/spoof with celebrity stars but I wouldn't recommend it either. I'll see if I can get Ted Lasso. I love soccer and feel good shows.

  9. Do you subscribe to Apple TV. Is Wordie a subscription. It is just that I subscribe to too many things. I think that "Don't Look Up" was heavy handed and could have been done better.

    1. Wordle is not a subscription. Just Google it and start playing. The one that charges you is a scam.
      We got Ted Lasso free through our Roku, but then about the end of the first season (there are two seasons) it seemed to require us to subscribe to Apple TV. After trying other things, we did sign up for the free introductory month. Then we didn't, and then we did again. We might be charged the $4.50 for a month, until we finish watching it, and then I'll cancel, but it's worth that small amount for such a good show. We don't have any other subscriptions, Netflix comes with our cable, but our cable is already a substantial cost.

  10. I just recently heard about Wordle and have not tried it. I am already addicted to doing the NYT Spelling Bee every morning and I know Wordle would become an addiction so I would have to decide since I can only have one addiction. It's a rule I made for myself.

  11. wow you r hubby is working away, glad you are taking care of you. Will have to try wordle=sounds interesting. We are enjoying almost 60 degree weather and sunshine but we pay for this nice winter weather all hot summer long...

  12. I have an app on my phone, free to play wordle but I play the one a day word also...great fun for the brain!

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