Thursday, January 27, 2022


 A fellow blogger commented to me that maybe it was time to change my blog header to "something less alarming and more hopeful to spring."

Well, it is still January. The snow could still fall. But it is true that for many of us January has been a long month.  Whether it's weather or pandemic restrictions or ill health or effects of aging or pain or just boredom, January has been a challenge. 

But at least here in the Pacific Northwest, Spring is never far away.

Mahonia blooms are attracting our pair of hummingbirds.
Ocean Spray, our first native shrub to break bud here, is getting ready to show off its first green leaves and sprays of dainty white flowers. 
I found this bud on a euonymus shrub. It will open to pink and orange.
Tom's transplanted winter blooming cyclamen are popping up everywhere and beginning to bloom.
This clump of yellow primroses persists year after year, now edged by little bracket fungus working to return this tree branch to the soil. 

The sun came out about 11:00 this morning! It is lighting up the yard and showing off all of Tom's work. There are more newly mulched places.

And, look! The mulch pile is gone!
The mulch was delivered last Friday, and Tom finished spreading it by 3:30 the following Wednesday, with one rest day in between. He even surprised himself. Now he has a day to putter outside less strenuously before the weather turns back to winter this weekend. 

And me? Well, I seem to have messed myself up even more today, just doing my physical therapy. But I'll try a few miles on my recumbent  stationary bike now and see if that helps loosen my hip up. 

Yes, there will be a new header soon. Maybe think red, like my now blooming amaryllis. 


  1. I also have enjoyed seeing your winter header but know it won't be long before you've got something up more springlike. I am slowly healing, too, and you have my commiserations about getting re-injured. Aren't you headed to the hospital soon?

  2. There's nothing like the smell of a freshly mulched flower bed. I am jealous of all that greenery.
    TAKE CARE - slow and steady wins the race.

  3. Ignoring the header and just looking at the garden, winter is fading fast. Do take it easy and yes, red would be wonderful.

  4. I can't believe you have flowers starting to bloom!

  5. I can hardly believe Tom got that mulch all dealt with. Everything is looking great. I am going to look for winter hardy Cyclamen. Yours look so pretty especially when not much else is in bloom. Of course you're a month or more ahead of us.
    I hope you haven't re-injured yourself too badly.Do you allow yourself a day off PT exercises?

  6. Good on Tom for getting everything mulched. It looks like he's got to done just in time as things are popping Out.

  7. I have always looked forward to your spring -- early spring -- pictures.

  8. I'm with Olga, it's always so wonderful to see the new spring growth in your yard. The view out my window is not nearly as lovely.

    Well done Tom! Hope your injury is somewhat relieved.

  9. Oh yes - red for February please! That will be cheerie.

  10. Tom is so active and busy. I feel guilty for not doing much work in my yard. I love cyclamen and wish I had bought some this year. The leaves and the flowers are beautiful.

  11. Red will do. That is an amazing flower!!!

  12. I think your snow flecked header picture is gorgeous and enjoy it. It is like a black and white photo, yet some green shows up in the forefront.

    Congrats to Tom! And best wishes to your return to great health.

  13. Love all your spring blooms, out temps are nearing 60 this week, but no blooms in sight yet!

  14. Way to go Tom! That was a massive job. Hope your health issues straighten out Linda. Too bad about your surgery being rescheduled. I am sure you just want to get on with it!!


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