Monday, April 25, 2022

Tulip Time, Part 2

 The photos in Part 1 were all taken in the contained, concentrated display area with intensive planting. Part 2 photos are from the surrounding areas, more spread out, with views of fields and sky. Because tulips are a rotated crop, the tulip bulbs for harvest are planted in different fields on a three year rotation basis. This year the growing fields were somewhat distant to the display garden, and while it was possible to walk to them, and many visitors did, we did not. So this year, no photos of long rows and rainbow stripes of tulip color, but with this second photo dump, you probably won't miss them. 

The Skagit Valley is a beautiful place. Although the clouds obscured the snowcapped Mt Baker this day, the sky itself was, and often is, one of the stars of the show. 

A salute to the University of Washington Huskies. 

Imperial Fritillarias
Fancy Narcissus / daffodils

Tulip fields in the distance, clover cover crop in the foreground. Clover is plowed under to enrich the soil and restore nitrogen. 

While that's the end of the tulip tour, it wasn't the end of our day in the valley. We had to go to Christianson's Nursery of course, but I limited my photo impulses there. Next post. 


  1. It's all so beautiful. Love the one lone white tulip poking up amongst the other colors. Nature wins again! Linda in Kansas

  2. Ah, another wonderful tiptoe through the tulips, and I did enjoy it very very much, once again. I can never get enough of their gorgeous colors. Great shots, Linda! Thank you so much for sharing them with me. :-)

  3. Well, it's hard to say which set is more spectacular. Who needs to go to Holland? I'd be very happy to travel west in April. I think this would make a good trip with my sister!

  4. What a stunning display. Odd with all those glorious colors, the white ones have captured me this year. Thanks for letting us see such beauty.

  5. So very beautiful! One day I will find my way least I keep saying that. The colors are just amazing from the brilliant reds, oranges, and purples to the more muted creams and pink. What a display to enjoy.

  6. Beautiful! One of the tulips looked like peonies to me. My absolute favorite flower.

  7. Oh wow!!! This is just totally amazing. You really hit it at its peak. I wish we could be there too.

  8. I like the fringed tulips also. Tom has good taste! The deepest color burgundy tulips are just stunning in a couple of your photos! Thanks for going to the Tulip Festival...I enjoyed your photos very much!


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