Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Empty, But Not Quiet

We arrived at the Whidbey cabin late afternoon on Tuesday after my haircut appointment. This is a work trip, and we got a start on the work after a quick dinner Tuesday evening.

After our family picnic over Labor Day weekend, it seems abandoned here today.

 The lagoon is empty because the tide is out. All of the empty chairs were just left in place. It will be some other family members jobs to put everything away in the back yard.

We are here to tear into the badly neglected front garden. Since we are the only ones who tend it and the cabin is fully occupied all summer with families having their summer vacations, one week at a time, we don't get up here after mid June except for maybe a day.

It was a dry summer and things are burnt up. Today we got all of the dead and desiccated plants pulled up, bagged, and taken to the yard waste dump. 

The garden is looking empty too.

We're not sure what will come back, but the soil is full of poppy seeds at least. Since the feather grass persists, we think we'll just spread that around. There are lots of starts in the gravel out front, but we'll have to wait till the rains start to transplant it. 

Now the lavender has been trimmed. Tomorrow we'll plant the tulip bulbs we brought from our home garden, and put down Pre-emergent to keep the seeds from sprouting where we don't want them.

It was actually quiet for a few hours this afternoon, but the road crew is back to making noise.

Our beach road is being resurfaced today and big trucks and noisy machines have kept us bombarded with noise right beside where we were working. 

Now Tom is taking a well deserved nap. I am typing. Soon we'll rouse and cook some dinner - lamb chops and corn on the cob on the grill, some zucchini from our garden, and yogurt and nectarine "salad". The previous occupants left lots of ice cream in the freezer. We plan to indulge. 

We'll be back home Thursday evening. Gotta' go to breakfast on Friday.


  1. Even when you're resting, you're working! It looks great, Linda.

  2. Too bad that some of the other relatives couldn't water the plants a bit!

  3. It's a bit sad when you have to close the cabin up for the season.

  4. You need some ear plugs around those big machines! Linda in Kansas

  5. The two of you amaze me with the amount of work you get done. Everything is tidy now in the front garden, all ready for the tulips. How pretty that will look again in Spring.

  6. I agree with Djan. As for the road crew, they did that to me a while back and I watched them as reality TV. Educational (learned how roads were resurfaced) but boring. Hope they finish soon.

  7. The garden looks a little forlorn, but with the care and attention you two provide, I know it will come back more beautiful in the spring.
    Hopefully the next time you're at the cabin the roadwork will be complete.

  8. My garden plants have suffered a lot and some are dead too. You did again a lot of work!


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