Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Summer Lingers


It's sunny and 75 this Tuesday afternoon. I should be getting some more done outside, but I'm too tired. 

We got a lot done Sunday morning. We finished working around the edges and part way into the beds of the whole upper lawn area and part of the lower yard.

We dug out all of the scraggly sedums in this corner and planted new ones that we bought late last spring. Today I filled in with some of the old ones. 

I took Sunday afternoon off to watch football and read the paper. The Seahawks let their victory get away in the last few minutes of the game. 

Monday there was housecleaning and laundry to do, and I started "going orange" in the house. The Autumn tub will come out of the attic Wednesday.

We "rested" Monday afternoon by considering tulips, and then placed our bulb order  with the blub growers in the Skagit Valley. That was an impetus for getting the beds cleaned out.

Monday evening found us on the sidelines of Irene's soccer game. The Mount Rainier HS Lady Rams won a decisive victory and it was a very pleasant evening, if a bit too smokey. 

This past weekend was Homecoming for Irene's high school. We got a report via Facebook.

Looking at these pictures it struck me what her being a senior means. I'm going to have to get more time with her while I can. It's all going too fast. 

Today was my long PT day, and that and the stationary bike about wiped my out. I just got a few little things done outside before quitting for lunch and sedentary activities. 

We have a Sounders game at the stadium at 7:00 this evening. We'll go early to avoid the crush and get some stadium food.

Tomorrow's high should be in the mid-60's, with a bit of rain. It will be a good day to decorate. 

More orange!


  1. I am amazed at what a beautiful young woman Irene is. I remember her as a little girl, and it seems like it was only yesterday! So glad to hear you are taking care of yourself.

  2. What beautiful kids! Linda in Kansas

  3. Impressive all the work you two are doing. Looking good.
    Oh my, Irene is really growing up and into a beauty. and her date is a handsome young man. Enjoy the game and stadium food. Hope they win.

  4. I'm not surprised that you were tired after doing all that yard work. Ordering your bulbs must be fun. You always choose such pretty ones.

  5. Your garden is much cleaner than ours! In summer it was too hot and too dry to be outside and now it is raining a lot.
    Grandchildren are always growing too fast!

  6. Your Seahawks seem to be emulating our Riders...snatching defeat from the jaws of victory seems to be the pattern.
    I'm tired just reading about the amount of work you and Tom do in the gardens. Everything looks so neat and tidy.
    Enjoy your soccer!

  7. I love your orangey table setting. Cute. That Irene has matured so fast. Beautiful girl.

  8. Irene is beautiful - and an athlete! What a combination!

  9. Short skirts must be the "in" thing, I saw local homecoming photos and it was all legs! Irene is a beauty...I guess if you have nice legs you should show them off! Very pretty table toppers....have fun decorating!

  10. Your garden looks gorgeous! Happy Fall!!! And wow! Irene is gorgeous and so grown up. What a beautiful couple they make.


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