Friday, September 30, 2022

Some Pumpkins Are Blue

 I never did get back outside to work in the garden this week, and now Friday is almost over. We will go to Irene's soccer match at 6:00. That gives me just enough time to post this blog and work my Woordle.

We got a little rain Wednesday and Thursday, but nothing significant, and now we'll be warming up again for at least a week.

This morning slipped away when we stayed late at breakfast and then Dede, who is 95,  wanted us to stop by and see her new computer. We ended up staying until 1:00 trying to get rid of months of email and set her up with some Favorites so she can find her stuff. Working with a new, unfamiliar computer is frustrating.

On Wednesday when it was drippy outside I did some decorating.


On the mantle are dried gourds from years ago, "Indian" corn, glittery pumpkins, and family heirlooms: old candle sticks, Tom's grandparent's mantle clock, an antic lamp, a beaded picture that Tom's grandfather made when that was an in style craft, and old glass pumpkin candy jars C1915 that belonged to Tom's mother and her sister when they were little. 
A few years ago I bought some glass pumpkins from various sources, in various sizes and colors. 

More Gourds. And my great grandmother's kitchen clock, now in my kitchen. 

New flowers. I don't have many flowers left, but these are appropriate for the season. 

In the powder room I have resorted to drying hydrangeas, and a pumpkin to match.

Not all pumpkins are orange. Some pumpkins are blue. 


  1. Now that's a clever post. You give a title of some pumpkins are blue and keep us in suspension until the end. Good post.

  2. You have the most beautiful holiday decorations, Linda!

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  4. LOVE the spun glass orange pumpkin with the twirling leaves and stem. Yep, some aqua or blue plastic pumpkins are for kids that are allergic to lots of things when they go out Trick or Treating. Its supposed to be a sign to folks at the door that the child needs non-food items for their treat. Linda in Kansas

  5. Such lovely decorations, Linda. I always enjoy seeing what you use, even blue pumpkins! :-)

  6. I am impressed that a 95 year old is tackling a new computer. Kudos to her and good of you to help her. Love your fireplace and the lovely fall decorations.

  7. The decorations are beautiful and priceless, especially those that belonged to family. I'm with Patti, if I reach the age of 95 I'm doubtful I'll be dealing with a new computer.

  8. Your fireplace and mantel look very autumnal. The glass pumpkins are so very pretty too.

  9. I love the orange theme. So nicely decorated.

  10. Your green glass salt and pepper shakers are fantastic! As well as your autumn decor.

  11. You decorate so nicely! I love all your glass pumpkins! Even the blue one!


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