Friday, September 2, 2022

September Arrived

 For those of us who like to hang on to summer, having September arrive is not so welcome. But at least I don't have to go back to school anymore, so I can act as if it is still summer for a while yet, since officially it is.

On Sept. 2nd Irene, car keys in hand, posed for her final first day of school photo. She is high school senior now, off and running for her final year.

Jill posted Irene's pic on Facebook, alongside her first school pic, as a three-year-old going off to preschool back in Colorado. 

I made that dress, oh so many years ago, and yet not that many. It goes fast. Now she drives to school in the old family minivan, and gets herself to and from soccer practice. The first home match is Sept 8th. We'll be there.

I picked new flowers for the house yesterday.

Both sides


We have cool mornings now, but we're still heating up to the low to mid 80's by the afternoon. I had lunch on the patio again today. Here is my lunch basket. The newspaper us under there. We have lots of tomatoes. There will be chocolate and coffee later. 

There seemed to be some confusion about the garden pics I posted last time. They were of a garden we toured last Saturday. We do not have a pond.

When I look at my garden now I see the brown patches and the falling over sunflowers and the tired perennials, but when I took these photos for you today it didn't look so bad.

It helps that Tom got the lawn mowed and the edges cleaned up. 

Watch out for spiders though. They are everywhere. 

Oh, and it's Labor Day weekend, time for the annual Phosie-Gertie Picnic at the Whidbey Island family compound. There'll be pics next week. Wish me luck in keeping up with the fun and games this time around. It's our 50th PG Anniversary, and some of us are getting old.


  1. Entering the last year of high school is a big deal. They will soon have to make a very important decision.

  2. I remember pictures of dresses you made for a young Irene -- matching dresses for her American Girl doll, too! Time does fly.

  3. Irene is so beautiful! And I do hope you have a wonderful time at the anniversary. I always look forward to your pictures. :-)

  4. She has really blossomed into a beautiful young lady. You can be proud. Boy does time fly and is really noticeable in the youngsters.

  5. Your Irene is a beautiful girl. Good luck to her in her final year of high school.
    Enjoy your family weekend!

  6. You have such a rich and wonderful family life - you did well in passing it along. And your decorating and gardening! Awesome.

  7. I like the then and now pictures of Irene. She was ( and is) a lovely girl.
    Your garden is still supplying you with a variety of blooms for your bouquets!!

  8. Irene was a gorgeous child and now she's a gorgeous young woman. I feel like I've watched her grow up. And I even remember that dress you made. And she's driving? Wow!

  9. Nice pictures of Irene and good luck for her last year! I love alll the bright colours of your flowers

  10. I hope Irene has a wonderful Senior year! She is a beauty!! :)

  11. I remember when I first found your blog, thinking that Irene was the most beautiful child. Now she is the most beautiful young lady. She seems like such a sweet girl too and that makes her even more beautiful.


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