Monday, September 12, 2022


 The laundry is finished and put away. The housekeeping is done for the week. 

I do the laundry and the dusting. Tom does the bathrooms and the floors. It was hard for me to keep moving today, and I am so thankful for Tom.

The sun is shining, it's 72 degrees, and the wild fire smoke has mostly cleared here south of Seattle. It's a beautiful afternoon.

It was very smokey when we attended the Sounders match at 5:00 on Saturday. But we won under a brown sky, not singing "The Bluest skies you've ever seen are in Seattle".

Today is another big game here in Seattle, in that same stadium, but this time it's football. The Seahawks will be playing under blue skies on Monday Night Football, in a game bound to get a lot of national attention. The Hawks will be facing their once beloved quarterback, Russell Wilson, who chose last March to desert us for an old nemesis, the Denver Broncos. He's not so beloved now, having sold us out for many millions of $$$. Bets are being taken over how loud the booing will be when he comes on the field. It's like a nasty divorce, where we would still like to love him.

I'll be watching on TV. Jill, Irene. and a friend will be at the game. 

When I stepped outside to take this selfie Charlie wondered where the treats were.

I'll say Hi for him because he's busy munching away. 

Wishing you all blue skies.


  1. We had terrible smoke last Thursday then it cleared on Friday with a cold front. Enjoy your blue skies! Charlie is looking good:)

  2. Another blogger from your area is not pleased with Mr. Wilson. That would hurt no matter how good he was for you. Wonder if they will record the decibels of the booing?
    Love Charlie's expression--kind of hopeful.

  3. Some days are just about perfect!

  4. I like your haircut; it looks just like mine! Glad to hear the Seahawks scraped out a win! :-)

  5. Blue skies to you as well. I am done with all the heat and the fires!

  6. Such an interesting football game for you.

  7. I caught the end of the football game and was thrilled to see the Seattle Seahawks win. We had a similar situation with a QB that went from team to team - I understand the $$$ part in some ways, but loyalty counts in my book. I still boo the guy and he's now part of the broadcast team. :)

  8. Nice hair cut! We also have got fires in the south west of France, but far from us.
    We have grey sky and rain but I am happy to have our Normand weather, it was too dry and so hot since May!
    Hope you had a nice day!

  9. There is no doubt about what Charlie has on his mind!

  10. It's such a relief to have the smoke mostly gone.
    Charlie sure has an appealing look on his face, hard to resist.


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