Friday, September 9, 2022


 Summer lingers in September. There are still new flowers for the house.

A few roses still bloom.

Garden spiders are everywhere. 

School is in full swing and fall sports have begun. 

As we made our way to Mt. Rainer High School Thursday evening for Irene's soccer game, THE Mount Rainier was in full support.

The 7:30 game started under glowing skies. 
Then the harvest moon rose. 
Hey, there's a man in the moon, or is it a woman?
It cools down fast in September, and letter jackets are just the thing by 9:30. 

The Mt. Rainier Rams lost, but they looked good doing it in their new uniforms. 


  1. Gorgeous photos, Linda. I love how you get fresh flowers straight from your garden. That granddaughter of yours is just so gorgeous!

  2. Hands down you make the best arrangements. Sorry the girls lost but what a lovely sky and moon. I'm thinking woman in the moon. Looks like she is wearing a touch of mascara.

  3. Things will cool off at a quicker pace now.

  4. The smoke that we currently have in the air gives the sun ( and moon) a curious colour. It sure isn't pleasant to breathe.

  5. Gorgeous shots of the moon although the color must come partly from the wold fire smoke.
    Wasn't it an SNL skit about better to look good than to feel good? But then, it is nicer for your team to win.

  6. I woke this morning to an orange moon. Love those pretty flowers.

  7. That rose is such a pretty color! Beautiful Mt Rainier and Irene too! Sorry they lost.

  8. I chuckled at the socks and sandals look in the photo of Irene. I'm certain her feet were chilly at the late hour - sorry they lost but the uniform is very nice. Best of luck next time.

  9. What beautiful fall fun! Those flowers are stupendous.

  10. Lovely flowers as usual, beautiful sky and mountain!


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