Monday, November 21, 2022


 If my last post was titled "Finishing" then this one will have to be called "Beginning".

Over the weekend I turned the car radio station to Christmas music. I hooked up my iPod to the sound system in the house and played my Christmas instrumental play list. Beginnings.

It's Thanksgiving week and preparations are now underway. The turkey is slowly thawing in the refrigerator. House cleaning happened today, interrupted by time out to watch the US Mens National Team begin their quest in the World Cup. 

Yes, we have gear for that too. 

In the last few days I have refreshed all of my winter hydrangea bouquets with fresh blooms rescued from the coming rain and frost. 

So that we could get the ironing board out of the guest room, we set up the dining room table and got the table cloth ironed.
While doing that we enjoyed the views out of the dining room windows, hoping that much of the color will last until Thursday. 

We are planning to do wreath making with our guests on Thanksgiving Day, so Tom has gathered greens from the yard and I have snipped them into smaller bunches.

Then I made my wreath to use as an example, and because I like to work alone. Now I am free to help the others. 

After all of that, I found this guy crawling around out in the garden. He couldn't waste this one more day without rain. There's always work in the garden. 

Holiday time is beginning, and we are getting ready.


  1. Your view from the dining room table is absolutely stunning! Did you let that guy inside? :-)

  2. Sometimes the holidays are too close together. There's too much work time and not enough play time.

  3. I love those hydrangea bouquets. My one bush was an underperformer this year.

  4. I have a new appreciation of hydrangeas. They make lovely bouquets. What a view you have for Thanksgiving dinner. Love your wreath and the family should have fun making theirs.

  5. The bouquets of hydrangeas are lovely.
    I haven't yet started with Christmas music, but the decorations came out yesterday and I've started on the tree.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  6. You are like Martha Stewart - but nicer and better!

  7. With today's heavy rain I wonder how your pretty trees/shrubs will fare. The wreath you made is lovely. I am trying to make a door swag but don't have your touch sadly.

  8. I loved going brushing in Maine and making a wreath.

  9. Happy Thanksgiving from us in Hawaii!

  10. You have the most beautiful dining room and the view outside is amazing. Your wreath is perfect! So pretty! Would love to have a Thanksgiving Day as fun as the ones you and Tom plan. Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. Like DJan, I was about to say even your window view was dressed for Thanksgiving!

  12. I like the idea of wreath making! You are both very busy as usual.


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