Friday, November 25, 2022

The Day After


The lights are turned on on the house. I didn't go outside to take a photo because it's raining and I had just come in from getting the mail. Then it got dark. I did find another package on the front porch when I opened it to take this photo. Packages have been arriving regularly since I "went shopping" at Amazon on Wednesday. I had nearly $500 worth of points from my Amazon credit card, so I used most of them up. A total of $0.00 is fun!

I am tired today, but I have also been busy, so I am late at posting. Jan, Tom's sister, stayed over and went to Friday breakfast with us. Then back home Jake arrived from staying at Jill's empty house to eat left overs for lunch, sort of watch the USA play England in the World Cup, and make another wreath, this one for his office in Friday Harbor. I helped with the wreath and then sat to watch the last 20 minutes of the soccer match. 

I had a light lunch of non-left overs - I'll have those for dinner - and then did a bit of work. I took down the dining room, put things away, then sat down to make my grocery shopping list for Christmas baking. I think I'll get the fruitcake done this weekend.

We had a good Thanksgiving Day. I didn't take a lot of photos. Keeping myself going was hard work, but I asked for and got help and everything turned out great.

Turkey dinner with all of the trimmings. 

The table conversation was lively and ranged from Volcanos and plate tectonics to black holes colliding to Grand Prix auto racing and lots of stuff in between. We do science here. 

Then we went to the garage to make wreaths. Last year some of our group weren't to sure about this project, but more really got into it this year.

Cousin Kris and Charlie.
Cousin Dan

Son Jake and Tom giving advice,
Jake and Tom's sister Jan. 


Jake. He likes all natural. "Bows don't grow on trees". 
Dan. Last to finish, but very pleased with his accomplishment. 

Then we had pie. And talked some more. 

It was a very good day. 


  1. You have so much fun at all your celebrations. We had our first family party in.... how many years? We asked everyone to test themselves before coming and we... for the first time... went without masks. And it was wonderful too! Your Thanksgiving plate looks absolutely scrumptious! Making wreaths looked like so much fun!

  2. They're all beautiful! I'm impressed with Tom's drill bit shelf and all of those oil cans! Linda in Kansas

  3. Fantastic day with family and friends , good for you, greetings from ann

  4. Beautiful wreaths. Another successful family celebration -- and your holidays are always celebrations of family.

  5. Who could ask for more? Great company, wonderful food and a fun crafting project at the end.

  6. I am glad your Thanksgiving was such a wonderful one. Blessings!

  7. Sounds very nice! The wreaths are so very nice and a great reminder of a special day.

  8. Linda, your Thanksgiving table and food looks wonderful. And I've never made a wreath, but all of those look great.

  9. How fun to make wreaths and they are all beautiful!

  10. Some very nice wreaths were made while you all had fun.

  11. i think the wreath making is a wonderful idea. It will be a great tradition.

  12. Love the wreaths and especially enjoyed the family pictures. Love to you and yours, dear friend.

  13. Such a great tradition. Hard work to prepare but well worth the results and joy you provide.

  14. Your Thanksgiving meal looks delicious and everyone looks so happy to be there. All the wreaths are pretty, even Jake's, with the bow.

  15. It was a very good idea and I wish I was there with you


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