Thursday, November 17, 2022


 A couple of projects are finished.

Our 95 year old friend asked me to finish a project she could no longer do because, sadly, she is losing her eyesight. To be honest, back in August, I made the comment at breakfast that I might need some sewing projects once the weather turned cold. But the weather stayed warm and mild well into October. Then I knew I should get started but I was no longer motivated. It seems just living is a big enough project for me these days. 

My friend likes to make things for her great grandchildren. She had these fabric books in her stash of stuff that was not getting done. I finally got them finished this week, in time to concentrate in the Holidays. 

At the same time I was told that Irene would need a laptop and we should probably not wait for her graduation as she could really use it now. I began to do the research. Hours and days later I was able to compose a list of desirable specifications in my price range, but could not find a product that had everything. On Wednesday we went to Best Buy and we found a wonderful "advisor" who, when presented with my list, found just the product that fit the requirements. It was not on display or advertised on line, but it was there in the store. 

Today, after doing a little more thinking and checking, we went back and bought it. When we checked out, we discovered that it was on sale and we saved $220! We bought a few accessories and they were on sale too! Christmas shopping for Irene is done, and I feel quite proud of myself. Technology can be daunting. 

Fall is finishing with a flourish in our garden.  The full moon maple in the front yard is fastly fading and falling.

But in the back yard the Japanese Maples are going out in glorious red!

I can see this from my kitchen window. 

Then this outside.

This one looked like it was just going to dry up, but then this!
The dogwood in the middle is just getting started. 

Now I need to go tend to my beef stew. The house is smelling wonderful as it simmers in the oven. 


  1. Love that you got such a deal on the perfect laptop!
    I love those trees! We did have a lot of pretty trees this year - but those are outstanding.
    Beef stew is such a great dinner. I am going to put it on the list.

  2. Great colors to enjoy outside and great smell from the stew inside.

  3. Beautiful Japanese Maples! What a bright spot!

  4. Linda, I love those fabric books... and your pictures are beautiful!

  5. Japanese Maples really to put on a show don't they. They are such specimen trees.
    Smart to go to a pro to get all you wanted for Irene. I'm guessing she doesn't read your blog.

  6. Those maples are simply stunning! And congratulations on that laptop score. I am in the market for a new one, but I know what I'm getting, being an Apple sort of person. :-)

  7. Shopping for gifts!!! must do that now.

  8. The red of the maples is gorgeous. We don't see a lot of red here, mostly yellow and oranges.
    Well done on the laptop and accessories!

  9. Finding just the right laptop for Irene AND it being on sale is awesome. It's great that you are able to help your friend with the sewing project. It's too bad she's losing her eyesight. For myself I'm finding I have a really hard time holding a pen and writing. I'm doing our Christmas cards this week and this may well be the last year I can do so. O well. There's always E-cards ( even if they seem much less personal). G.M.

  10. We also had a wonderful autumn this year and the day before yesterday I took the last flower bulbs out of the ground (dahlias).
    Today we had the first snow... winter is coming... it looked wonderful outside... now I'm feeding the birds again and soon the forest birds will come to the bird feeder too.
    Your maple is beautiful... what a red.
    Stew is a fine meal, I also had soup today.
    Many greetings to you from Viola.

  11. Glorious trees! Great job on computer hunting!

  12. You win the prize for the reddest trees in Blogland! Linda in Kansas

  13. Congratulations on finding the perfect technology asset for Irene. I HATE buying new technical equipment. Luckily, my son-in-law can advise me, but I still end up mulling and thinking and rethinking until my brain is ready to explode before I actually buy something.
    Your maple trees look really awesome!

  14. Beautiful fall colors at your place! We're in Arizona now where there very few deciduous trees, but we enjoyed a walk through the fallen leaves in The Hague a few weeks ago.


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